What Our Fridge Says About Us.

Remember when I gave y'all an in-depth look at the innards of my fridge back in 2011? Me too. The post was popular, but a few things have changed since then, causing the need for a new fridge tour.

One of the biggest changes was our gradual (and still evolving) switch to organic purchases. For example, here's the top shelf in our fridge:

You'll see some milk, other drinks, and prepped zucchini. Also, I should warn you, my fridge is pretty bare. It always looks like this. Always. There are only two of us in our house, and this time of year we're eating a lot from the garden. Meats come from our deep freeze, and we thaw those in the fridge as needed.

The second shelf? Here's some garden fresh leaf lettuce, more prepped zucchini, and a half-full jar of home-canned pasta sauce:

The third shelf is just butter and more zucchini.

The final shelf holds a big bowl of green and purple beans, some fresh herbs, and rainbow chard form the garden.

Normally we'd have some protein, like chicken, pork, or beef thawing in the fridge, but last weekend included a lot of dining out due to our busy schedules.

In one of the drawers you'll find an abundance of cheeses, as well as prepped onions and peppers. When I'm dicing veggies, I try to always dice a few extra to have on hand for quick meals. Makes dinner prep go quickly if I don't have to slice and dice, baby.

Our last drawer holds some garlic and onions from the garden, and beer.

We still don't have eggs from our backyard flock, so we're buying eggs:

And the rest of the fridge door includes sauces, jellies, condiments and marinades.

Some are homemade, some are store bought. Some are organic, some are highly processed. Don't judge me. Didn't I say we're evolving on this journey?!

Because we're evolving, when I run out of something I try to purchase an all-natural or organic alternative the next time I'm at the store. This has made our transition easy, but also slower.

How have the contents of your fridge evolved over the past few years? Leave a comment! 

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  1. Love your fridge. Now please come clean mine:). And two of my favorite beers! Our fridge is often empty too....but that is because like you, we eat fresh and try and use up everything before buying more.

  2. That's how we've been too. Using it up and then finding a better version! Love all the fresh garden veggies!!! :) Oh summer, don't leave! :)

  3. I am curious. I was buying 2 percent organic milk but then read or heard that whole mile was better for you so switched over to organic whole milk. Do you know anything about this or does anyone reading this know? Also I like Hellmans mayo to make my ranch dressing and cole slaw dressing but I have been using lite. Is the regular better for you? I am learning about all this too. Nancy

  4. I had to laugh because our frig looks EXACTLY like yours. Our friends can't figure out what we eat. LOL We have been doing the exact same thing - slowly replacing everything with organic items as we run out. You will LOVE your fresh eggs. We have 13 hens and they all started laying within the last month, so we have been eating eggs for almost every meal. I just made my first quiche this morning, which turned out fabulous… ��


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