July 2011: What Our Fridge Says About Us.

*This post is being republished from July, 2011. Tune in tomorrow for a post from July, 2014 to see how things have changed!**

One of my favorite blogs is New Life on a Homestead, and after reading Kendra's post about what their fridge says about their family, I knew I had to write about this one for myself.  Basically, I show you photos of our fridge, and the contents should speak for themselves. Here goes - -

The outside

  • Photos of family are a really important part of ANY fridge, but I do envy people who keep the outside of their fridge pristine and spotless.
  • Our Electrical Usage Report from Alliant Energy is something John and I will go over one of these days. We're always looking for ways to cut our energy use.
  • A Kernel's (minor league) baseball schedule - because we like being outdoors and enjoying sports!

First Shelf

  • Skim milk
  • Cranberry juice and apple juice (John is a juice hound)
  • Wine :)
  • Beer :)
Second Shelf
  • Quart of home canned dill pickles
  • Pint of home canned strawberry ham
  • Pint of home canned bread and butter pickles
  • Pint of home canned barbeque sauce (from the Ball Blue Book)
  • A chicken breast thawing for dinner tonight. This is a big guy, so he'll feed us both. And really, there's something disturbing about how big this chicken breast is, thanks to chemicals and growth hormones I'm sure. I can't WAIT until our town allows backyard chickens!

Third shelf

  • 1/2 lb. of browned ground beef (leftover from a homemade pizza 2 days ago)
  • A homemade breakfast croissant sandwhich (for John's breakfast tomorrow)
  • Apple crisp (with last year's apples from my brother's tree - I can and freeze apples every year)

Fourth shelf

  • Hand breaded pork tenderloin leftover from last night (square container)
  • Home made pickle relish
  • Store bought light sour cream
  • Home made chocolate syrup (DELICIOUS! Also from New Life on a Homestead)
  • Leaf lettuce from our garden (in salad spinner)

Drawer #1

  • Canadian-style bacon (my parents are hog farmers)
  • Sliced turkey (for John's lunches)

Drawer #2

  • Pepper from our garden (picked this morning)
  • Container of sliced onions (green lid - from our garden)
  • HUGE container of leaf lettuce (blue lid - from our garden)

The Door

This is where most of our processed food resides - there's a mixture of eggs, butter, yeast, salad dressings (both store bought and homemade), more pickles, marinades and sauces (store bought and home made), LOTS of jellies and jams, bullion, minced garlic, parmasean cheese, ketchup, mustard, and other condiments.

Well, that's it. What does our fridge say about us?! I think it says that we are a couple who pride themselves in food that's homemade, but there are still some conveniences that we can't part with. Perhaps I'll write a similar post in about a year from now. Who knows how much it will change?!

Stay tuned, because tomorrow we'll give you a peek inside our fridge three years later. See how things have changed, and what has stayed the same. 


  1. Thanks for the peek into your fridge!! I've thought of doing that with my freezer, where I have all my bits of things to re-incorporate into other meals. Recewntly I decided to try and save more money on meats by making chicke, turkey and ham roasts that we can slice for sandwiches, rather than buying the convenient cold cuts. The price per pound is tremendous when the store roasts, slices and packages it. I want some of the crisp! One of my favorites :)

  2. What a neat idea for a post!


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