Five Things I'm Diggin' in June

Happy Friday!

I skipped out on sharing five things I am diggin' in May, but I'm back to tell you about five items/blogs/websites/things/do-dads that I am thankful for, particularly in the month of June. But first, if you want to catch up on some of the previous Five Things I Dig posts, GO HERE.


1. This telescopic garden 'claw'

Well, to be fair, my garden claw is blue, but it's the same exact one. This little guy saves me a lot of time in the garden. It's a perfect length, so I don't have to be hunched over while I'm ripping away at weeds between my neat little rows.

To be honest, I don't have many garden tools. A hand shovel and a big shovel, a rake or two, and a small garden claw and this telescopic garden claw. Really, that's all I need, and I think you'll like it, too.

2. This grill pan

This pan is awesome for more delicate foods or veggies. And, it also enables me to cook an entire meal on the grill without having to mess up my kitchen. Booya.

My favorite right now is dicing up (in big chunks) a bunch of veggies (like summer squash, peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.) and tossing them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We then cook 'em up on this grill pan while our main dish is grilling, and we have a whole meal without even using the kitchen.

3. All of your AWESOME suggestions and recipes featuring ground beef on The Sustainable Couple's Facebook page.

I am in a cooking rut, especially when it comes to ground beef, and can't bring myself to eat another cheeseburger. However, you guys totally saved the day with over 40 creative ways YOU use ground beef! I pinned that post to the top of our Wall, so just head over to our Facebook page and check out the thread of fabulous ground beef recipes.

4. Iowa Food & Family Project

This summer I am working with the Iowa Food & Family Project - Join My Journey (with Kristen from Iowa Girl Eats), and I'll be sharing a recipe or story each month relating to a variety of Iowa grown (or raised) agricultural products. In May I shared a recipe for zuppa toscana soup which promoted pork, with a side story about growing up on a farm in Northeast Iowa. In June I'll share a post about dairy.

I am passionate about buying local and supporting farmers, and it's clear that Iowa Food and Family Project is also on that wavelength. I've mentioned a few times that I grew up on a hog and commercial crop farm. Sometimes it's hard for me to support urban agriculture and sustainable living, while honoring my roots and the living that my parents have made for our family. At times it seems these two ways of growing food and raising livestock are very contradictory, and I'm caught in the middle. This is another post for another day, folks.

5. Rurally Screwed (the blog)

I became hooked on Jessie Knadler's blog a few years ago, and have been a loyal reader ever since. The basic premise of her blog is documenting her family's life in the rural Southeast, after she moved from the city thanks to falling in love with a rancher/cowboy. No, no, she's not like The Pioneer Woman. She's better!

I remember laughing and agreeing with her after she burnt herself out on canning one year, and couldn't bring herself to eat another fermented item. Or, crying with her when her husband was deployed and she was going it alone on their farm. Or, virtually high-fiving her after an awesome Goodwill find.

Go ahead and bookmark Rurally Screwed. I think you'll enjoy her blog just as much as I do. 

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