29 Things I've Learned in 29 Years.

This weekend I celebrate my Golden Birthday. I'll be 29 on Sunday, June 29th. We're going to celebrate by going to a barbecue fest a few miles away. I'm gonna tie on the feedbag and get the meat sweats.

But first, before I get incoherent from overeating, I want to share 29 things I've learned in the 29 years of life I've spent on God's green earth.
  1. No amount of planning will ever determine exactly how something will, or should, turn out. It’s good to be prepared, but to have a plan for exactly how you assume things should turn out is simply futile. Fate doesn’t work that way. God doesn’t either. 
  2. "Creating" something (a meal, a DIY project, etc.) is very therapeutic
  3. Money isn’t very important when it comes to my happiness. It’s essential for daily living, but it’s not an integral part of my contentment and personal satisfaction. 
  4. Apologies are good for everyone - the person who was wronged, and the person doing the wrong. I have learned to apologize for my actions and attitude, most recently. I was snotty as a teenager and in my early twenties. When I encounter someone from my past that I was a biotch towards, I find a way to apologize for my words or actions. 
  5. I'm not a drinker. I like to kick back with a beer on occasion
  6. The number of friends in my life isn’t important, it’s the quality of friends. I feel I have fewer friends in my life today, at 29 years old. But, I say this with total contentment and happiness! It was difficult for me to accept this, especially as I graduated college and lost touch with the wonderful people I spent four years with. 
  7. Working as a high school language arts teacher for six years was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I plan to return to the profession in the future. 
  8. Volunteering makes me feel good.
  9. Not everyone is destined to be a parent, and that might include John and I. We have moments where we want to be parents desperately, and other moments where we thoroughly enjoy the freedom of our “couple” lives. We’re not in a hurry, because being a parent is a serious responsibility. 
  10. I might never be good at math, but I'll never stop trying to be good at it. 
  11. Cooking with people or for people is one of the most heartfelt actions a person can accomplish. Food is a common denominator. Plus, fun things happen when you break bread with old friends or new. 
  12. Not mowing my yard every week won't make my neighbors hate me. 
  13. My Master’s Degree and a career doesn’t measure my success. I quit my full-time teaching job at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. While I know I was successful as a teacher, I still feel fulfilled and successful as a blogger, a wife, a friend, a substitute teacher, and an urban agriculture enthusiast.
  14. Grocery shopping is a painful experience.  
  15. Disconnecting and finding my center, even for a few minutes each day, is essential for my emotional well-being. 
  16. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder. This applies to a traveling husband, and friends and family who live afar. 
  17. Re-reading funny or comforting text messages over and over is my favorite. I do it often. 
  18. There are alternative forms of healing and health, like aromatherapy, nutrition, meditation, and massage.
  19. Sending notes and cards in the mail is as fun for me as it is for the person receiving it. 
  20. I'm a homebody who loves to travel. I never thought my home would truly be my sanctuary. 
  21. Dieting sucks. I've NEVER found a diet I can stick with, nor one I want to stick with. So I don't diet. I just try to eat good food. Sometimes I eat bad food, too.
  22. Sometimes life/God/Mother Nature/karma/whatever throws shitty things in my path. I often get very disheartened, and have anxiety when I lose control. In my next 29 years, I hope to have better coping mechanisms in place.
  23. I love watching cooking shows. 
  24. Leaving the nest isn't so bad. Neither is getting a 'big girl job'. But being responsible for major life choices is tough.
  25. I enjoy eating popcorn for dinner. 
  26. Believing in a higher power gives me the ability to chill out. It kind of takes away a lot of the pressure of big decisions and everyday life. 
  27. When faced with a tough decision, I often make the solution harder than it should be. I need to think like a kid more. 
  28. Being married to the right person isn't hard. Being married to John is one of the most fun, rewarding parts of my whole life. 
  29. Maybe turning 30 next year won't be so bad. 

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thanks for sharing what you have learned. Lots of good reminders and things I identify with you about!


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