Recent Urban Homestead Happenings

You may have noticed that I've been slightly absent from the blog, and even Facebook for the last week or so. I assure you, I have good reason. 

Most of all, John is home! 

On Monday afternoon my main squeeze made his way back from Arkansas (where he was working at a nuclear facility since mid-March). He'll be home all summer, and possibly this fall, working locally on commercial electrical jobs. He's taking a slight break from power plant work to spend some time at home. We figured he's been traveling almost consistently for a year and a half, so it's about time he's home on our urban homestead for more than a week at a time. 

In the days since John has been home, we've taken care of a lot of random tasks and errands we've been putting off for months. 

We've done a little work in the backyard. 

Including lots of weeding in the garden and harvesting our first batch of leaf lettuce.

And I've 'snuggled' my chicks. They don't like being held very well, so I'm doing my best to handle them so they aren't so skiddish.

Might I add that this chicken selfie of me cracks my shit up. I have no make up on, just got out of the shower (so my hair looks slicked), and I have a creepy look on my face as I'm clutching a chick awkwardly close to my mouth.

Everything about that photo is perfectly representative of my persona.

And, I suppose John has become acquainted with the chicks as well. Although he's not as smitten.

We'll spend the weekend attending a retirement party, a graduation ceremony and several graduation parties, as well as a birthday party.

Parties abound at this urban homestead! That's my kind of weekend. 

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