Real Food Rookies: WAPF Chapter Leader and Nutritionist

It's been quite some time since I've updated you on our journey towards eating real, unprocessed foods. If you want to catch up on previous posts, go here and here. Today, I have something a little different to share with the rest of you 'real food rookies'. 
Let me tell you about this inspirational woman I know. 
I had the pleasure of meeting Elaine several months ago when I was working with my city council on a backyard chicken ordinance. Throughout the process, Elaine and I talked and realized that we had a lot of similar interests in healthy living and real food. Of course, when I found out that she was the Chapter Leader of our area's Weston A. Price Foundation, I attended a meeting and was introduced to so many awesome people from all walks of life. The common thread: A passion for real food. Unprocessed living. Sustainability. 
Because Elaine and many of the members of this chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation have such awesome stories of how they encountered healthy living and real food, I thought it would be helpful for them to share their experiences directly with you. 
Today I'm honored to introduce you to Elaine.

How did you get involved or interested in real food, cooking from scratch, gardening, etc.?
I am lucky in that I had two wonderful role-model grandmothers that cooked-from-scratch most of the time. Nutrition and Real Food has always been a passion of mine, even when I was a little girl. Both grandmothers had gardens so eating from them was natural. After marrying and having kids, we bought a acreage in Marion and I raised five kids, basically off the land. We had a huge 200‘ x 200’ garden, beef cows, hogs, chickens, rabbits, turkeys and yes, even a milk cow. I would say 95% of our food was raised or grown ourselves. I had fun doing everything from making real butter to cutting up our beef, all the while looking at how-to pictures out of a book.
Tell me what the Weston A. Price Foundation and "Nourishing Traditions" have done for you and/or your family. 
I found Weston A. Price Foundation a few years ago and was thrilled to find an organization that had my food values. It has helped reinforce what I have done in the past and what I continue to do. I became a Cedar Rapids/Iowa City Chapter Leader shortly after I found the organization and have monthly meetings in my home. The founder, Sally Fallon is my idol - I look up to her so much for carrying on the work of Weston A. Price, DDS! Her book, Nourishing Traditions has opened my eyes to even more “traditional” ways of cooking and preserving. I now ferment my veggies, rather than “canning” them and I make Kombucha and Kefir, along with many other fermented foods. I couldn’t believe how delicious fermented, homemade ketchup and mayonnaise could be!

What were your first steps into eating real, unprocessed foods, healthy fats, etc.?
Even though I have eaten relatively healthy most of my life, I still got somewhat caught up in the “low fat” movement, years ago, after moving away from the acreage. In fact, back then, I attended a weekend seminar given by a biologist that advocated (and seemed to show) why low-fat was the way to go. I remember sitting in the audience, innately questioning his theories, but ended up figuring he was the expert, not I. How wrong that thinking was! Margarine and low-fat milk was in my life for a short while but I hated the taste and was thrilled to eat real butter and milk again. It also just didn’t make sense to throw out the egg yolk, so I just didn’t.

What can a beginner or novice do to transform their diet into a WAPF diet? What are those easy first steps?
Depending upon where a person is starting from, I believe getting most processed foods/fast food out of a diet is a good first step. If a person is eating this way everyday and never cooking at home, it will take more time to transition. But...small steps lead to the top! Then I think “getting your fats right” is the easiest change a person can make, for the quickest benefits. Once someone starts to feel better from Real Food, I believe it’s much easier to keep going and make more changes. I see people getting excited and motivated at this point.

Tell me about some of your essential kitchen tools, gardening tools, food preparation tools, etc. What are those things that you couldn't live without?
I do Square Foot gardening so I don’t need a lot of garden tools - there isn’t much weeding. My watering hose is a necessity though.

In the kitchen, I love my ceramic knives, and of course, the food processor and KitchenAid mixer make it relatively easy in preparing foods. I also love having a grain mill. A stick blender is very useful for times when you need your blending to be portable. I also have some small favorite helpers such as a lemon squeezer and fun silicone dish lids that just pop on and off your food storage bowls.

What are the benefits of a real food diet, in your opinion?
Wow, there are sooooooo many benefits I believe. When I looked around years ago, I realized how sick people were becoming.

A few examples:
  • A 55 year old that went through a box of kleenex a day and was on 3-4 medications because of his asthma. 
  • A gal in her 20s that had eczema and so did two of her kids. 
  • A 40 year old with fibromyalgia and diabetes and taking numerous medications. 
  • A new born baby that had acid reflux but ironically, so did two of the mom’s friends’ babies. 
  • Various teenagers that lack the energy to get through the day. 
  • A ten-year old that struggled with insulin shots and diet because he had Type II diabetes. 
  • A husband of a friend that had blood in his stool but was told by his doctor it was normal because his blood tests were okay. 
  • A young gal with Hashimotos and her two children that also have autoimmune issues. 
I could go on and on.....

I knew these things weren’t normal and they motivated me to return to school to become a Nutritional Therapist and a Certified Healing Foods Specialist. I wanted to help educate people to what has happened to our food, why we keep hearing the same incorrect recommendations over and over and I wanted to assist people in getting balance in their lives again. I believe good food is at the core of good nutrition and good nutrition is at the core of good health. I gain a lot of satisfaction by helping people feel good and have energy again, while eliminating many maladies!

What else would you like to add about WAP, real food, cooking from scratch, etc.?
Real Food is about cooking from nature. This is basically what Weston A. Price, DDS proved after studying healthy native people in 15 countries for 10 years. That is why I named my business: Nature Will Nurture Nutrition.


  1. Is there a website for this chapter?

    1. Here's where you can find a list of the local WAPF Chapters. Your area might have a chapter nearby - -


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