May Garden AND CHICKEN (!!) Update

Friends, 'tis the beginning of gardening season, and while I'm all sorts of amped up about my garden (but NOT the potential frost risk tonight…), I am even more amped about our newest addition to the city homestead. 

Six of these little fellas.

I mean, ladies.

My great friend Jenn and her son went to the farm store with me to pick out my yard birds.

We chose 3 buff orpington and 3 barred rock.

Seriously adorable. And the chicks are pretty cute, too.

Really, all you need to get started with chicks is a heat lamp, a tote or box, chick feed, water, and a little bedding. They're easy to care for.

So far, the dogs are adjusting to their presence. Manny, pictured below, doesn't really like them. He's always nosing around in the tote. I will definitely have to keep an eye on him. Bruce is actually terrified of the chicks, and can't get far enough away from them.

Now, lets talk about my garden, which I will be covering with sheets and plastic tonight. *sigh*

I have six raised beds, and have planted four of them. This bed is holding cauliflower, rainbow chard and some herbs.

This bed has sunflowers and green and purple beans.

These two beds are empty for now, but will be chock full of tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapeƱo peppers after the risk of frost.

Then, I have lots of garlic, red and white onions, and carrots here.

I have an additional bed (not pictured) with kale, cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash, and more herbs.  I also plant a variety of leaf lettuce and/or spinach throughout the sumer in this planter under a shady tree. I haven't planted anything yet, but you can see some volunteer butter crunch lettuce is coming up from last year.

Also garden related is my fleet of rain barrels behind this lattice that will keep my plants hydrated all summer long. On my agenda is to clean the area, as it's holding a lot of junk from winter storage.

The chicken coop is 100% complete and ready for the chicks to move in after about a month. The chicks need to grow all of their adult feathers so they can be independent outdoors.

But, there is some wildlife making a home inside the coop and run. See that spot in the lower right corner of the run?


A momma rabbit made her den there, and had about 5 babies. Manny killed one, and the next morning the other 4 scattered. They are old enough to survive on their own, and I'm happy to have them gone from my garden area. Something tells me they might be back.

I also have potatoes planted in 5-gallon buckets this year.

This will be a perfect amount for just two people, and they are doing GREAT so far!

Except I need to find a more secluded spot for the buckets, because they don't look very pretty sitting on the sunny side of the garage.

What's growing in your garden? Are you trying something new? Leave a comment!

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  1. Great suggestion – thank you ! Hatching chicks is absolutely one of the most memorable things I have done with my little ones too.

  2. Your garden looks colorful and wonderful :)) Your rabbit is so lovely, too. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Lovely garden, and lovely animals, too. I wish I could have a garden with those cute animals like you. Thank you.

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