Five Things I Dig ~ April

This month, because spring is in the air (just barely!), I'm here to share with you some link love. I've collected several resources on five very important topics from some very reputable gardeners and urban farmers from all over the U.S.. Most of these folks are bloggers from the Midwest, so if you're from around here, pay special attention :)

Let's do this! The five things I am digging this month are:

1. Seed Starting 

5 Helpful Seed Starting Supplies
11 FREE Catalogs for the Organic Gardener and Homesteader
3 FREE Containers for Starting Seeds (I've used several of these, myself)
General Seed Starting Tips
One Beginner's Experience with Seed Starting

2. Composting 

Composting for Dummies (It really is SUPER easy!)
Create Your Own Vermicomposting System
How I Killed My Vermicomposting Worms
Composting Like a Boss

3. General Gardening

Growing Salad Greens in a Gutter
Five Little Homesteaders' Gardening Series
The Florida Weave Trellising Method

4. Urban Chicken Keeping 

(all links are especially for people living in the city!)
Five Little Homesteaders' Chicken Keeping Series
Update on a Local Urban Chicken Ordinance
Three Chicken Breeds That Are Great for a Midwestern Backyard

5. Cooking {mostly} From Scratch

Country Bob's Meatballs
Oven Roasted Lime Jerk Chicken
Sweet Orange Habanero Shrimp Salad over Leafy Greens
French Onion Soup for TWO
Zuppa Italian Soup (Olive Garden knock-off)
Lasagna Roll Ups
Beef Pesto Lasagna 

What are some of your favorite "spring" related posts out on the big ol' World Wide Web? Please share a link with us in the comments and grow our discussion even further!


  1. Thanks for sharing all of these great resources. I'm excited to try and make this Deviled Egg Spread for Easter: It is simple, easy and not complicated at all but I'm very intrigued! I love deviled eggs so lets make it as a dip!

    1. My husband is a FREAK for deviled eggs! I bet he would love this!

  2. What a cool list idea! I'm going to have to go through and take a look at some of these.

  3. You make things seem so easy to do! I need to learn some gardening tips from you!

  4. One of my favorite Spring posts is when the dafodils are in bloom.

  5. Wow! I need to start a garden now! What all do you plant? I love the layout of your blog and how you organized all of the pictures. I am very interesting in spending more time reading your blog.

    1. Thanks, Megan! See the sidebar on the right for a list of what we're planting this year >>>>>>

  6. Thanks for all of these great links! I'm such a rookie gardener so I value all the information and ideas :) Still cannot wait to see your chickens!! :)


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