Mostly Homemade Mondays - Week 74

Welcome to a new week! Did you have as productive of a weekend as we did? We finished our chicken coop, cooked delicious meals from scratch, went out on the town with friends, and caught up on many, many projects around the house and backyard.

I feel like this week will be particularly challenging for me, though. John was home for about 7 days in between jobs, and just left yesterday. I already miss him like crazy! He'll be gone for almost 3 months, but I have some travel plans in the works. I'll tell you all the juicy details later this week, so stick around, would ya?!

Also, we have THREE exciting changes happening with Mostly Homemade Mondays…and we think that you will be as excited as us!

Moving forward we will be including the names of the most popular posts from the previous week at the top of each week’s list. Yes, this means even more fabulous exposure for you!

Also, your hosts now have a SHARED Pinterest board for Mostly Homemade Mondays, and we'd love for you to follow along!! Your hosts will be pinning their FAVORITE posts from the link up to this board each week. Here's the board:

Finally, we will be sending an e-mail each week to remind you that the linkup is live. Of course, you can feel free to unsubscribe using a link at the bottom of each newsletter, but we thought it would be a nice reminder to head on over and share your favorite posts.

Anyway, on to the party:

Mostly Homemade Mondays is a series for people that are on a journey to better living, via healthier eating and a more natural lifestyle. We realize that there are different paths that we all take to get to that place, and this bloghop celebrates that. Whether you’re a seasoned raw foodist who has banned all things unnatural, or a rookie who is starting out by cutting out junk food, we’d love to hear from you! Link up with your favorite recipes, projects, crafts, or rants and raves.

The Hosts:

Jess from Scratch Mommy
Joyce from The Skinny Pear

Homemade Mondays will open every Monday. You have until Thursday to make your submissions. We will share our favorite posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and shout it from the rooftops.
  • Link up. Use the submission form below to add your blog posts to our gallery below. You can add as many links as you’d like, as long as they’re on topic. 
  • What’s eligible? Recipes, crafts, DIY projects, gardening, fitness, green ideas or just plain old advice. We’re pretty open.
  • Tell us about yourselves. Leave a comment telling us a little about your site and what you’ve shared. Of course this isn’t mandatory, but it’s a good way to stand out.
  • Link back. Share the love by adding a link back to this party with your readers so they can see all of these great ideas as well.
Here was my favorite post from last week: 

Forgotten Way Farms shared an inspirational story about how they downsized their lives to move off-grid and live a simpler, sometimes 'forgotten' way of life. I really enjoy reading these types of posts. It gives me hope that John and I can do something similar some day.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our story! - Abby Jo @ Forgotten Way Farms

    1. Hey, well thanks for linking up last week :) I spent a considerable amount of time on your blog yesterday - keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for visiting my site, and thanks for inviting me to your blog hop!

    1. It's a pleasure to have you, Andrea! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thanks for visiting my site and inviting me to your link up! My blog is about mommyhood and marriage while following Jesus! I've enjoyed looking through your posts!

    1. Welcome, Molly! Thanks for linking up - I hope to see you around in the weeks to come as well :)

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