5 Things I Dig ~ March

I'm really thankful it's March, but not for the reason you might think. You might think, since we live in Eastern Iowa, that I am ready to be done with this icy, cold, snowy winter weather.

If you thought that you'd be wrong. I actually really enjoy winter. I'm one of a handful of Midwesterners who likes snow, cold temps, and scraping ice from my car windshield.

Ok, well I don't really like scraping all that much, but I do like winter.

Nonetheless, I'm happy for March. Spring means working outside in the yard and garden. Spring means chickens! Spring means fresh herbs. Spring means the dog park. Spring means March, and March means John is coming home soon. Woot!

The spring season of renewal and rebirth is a metaphor for a lot of things in my life {I'm not trying to go all 'Walden Pond' on you, I promise.} I want to share a few things that I am diggin' right now. Five things, in particular, that have really made me happy over the last month. Five things I think you might like, too.

(Heads up: This is a longer post with quite a few photos and a couple affiliate links! Yee hee!)


1. These hemp bracelets from Indie Hemp Works:

Earlier in February I received a little package from the company with two of their most popular hemp bracelets enclosed.

I found a black hemp bracelet and a cream hemp bracelet {retails for $15.99 each} , along with a sticker {which immediately went on the cover of my MacBook Air} and a card explaining the benefits of hemp on our environment.

The card reads, "Hemp creates oxygen and absorbs hazardous chemicals like CO2 and radiation as it grows. Its seeds and oils contain essential amino acids and proteins for our bodies making it a Super Food. Hemp can also be used as a natural alternative to fossil fuels, construction materials, comfortable clothing, paper, and more much more all while replenishing the soil as it grows without the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides." 

The bracelets aren't bulky, which I love. I wear a watch and bracelets daily, but find it's sometimes hard to work on a computer or write because they drag on things or are uncomfortable. I can wear these all the time, and leave them on while washing dishes or in the shower.

And, mega bonus: They are easy to fasten by yourself. A little button and loop. Bada-bing-bada-boom. You're wearin' your hemp bracelet like the crunchy hippie you always knew you were.

If you want to get your own hemp bracelet, go to www.indiehempworks.com or visit their Etsy shop at www.IdahoHempWorks.com.

2. These pens:

I'm a pen freak. I spend a lot of time on the computer, so when I am writing in my planner, or making John's to-do lists, payin' bills and makin' bank, or writing a love note to my granny I want to have a nice pen that is fun to write with.

And, please. Don't tell me that you don't like a good, smooth-writin' pen.

3. My food processor

Right now, my food processor is getting as much work as it does during canning season. John and I are starting to eat real, unprocessed foods. I am using up a lot of garden goodies that I've frozen or preserved, and use my food processor to make my life easier. I recently made pumpkin bars with homemade pumpkin puree, thanks to my food processor. I also slice carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, and cucumbers in no time. It's easy to whip up a wrap or fresh salad when you have all the fixin's perfectly sliced and at the ready.

We're being more intentional with our food choices, and it's starting to pay off. We both feel more alert and energized when we wake up in the morning - no more tossing around all night. I have dropped several pant sizes, and John has lost weight as well.

4. The blog, Tiny House Family

This family has a great story. They sold many of their belongings, moved into a small home {with their children, by the way!}, and are living mortgage free. They are intended to move into a larger home that they are building without the help of a loan or mortgage! How refreshing and inspiring does that sound?

I love that Hari, the mother and main voice of the blog, is a teacher. And, that Karl, the father of the family, is a builder and lover of old things. They are a frugal family, they are conscious of their impact on the earth, and they turned their space into a flourishing micro-homestead. In many ways, I am learning from the Tiny House Family, and aspiring to make our homestead in the city a little bit like theirs.

5. Valspar paint samples

I have about 5 little samples of Valspar satin interior paint. At just over $3 a pop, they are an economical way to build up a paint stash for smaller projects. 

I am also a subscriber to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, and almost every month I've opened up my favorite read to find a coupon for a FREE Valspar paint sample in their seasonal color line at Lowes. 

You can't beat that with a stick, babe. Especially when girlfriend's got a few projects lined up, like this one: 

Did you read last month's "Five Things I Dig"? Between February and March, are there any things you might want to try? Blogs you want to check out? What are some things you are really diggin' right now?


  1. I grew up in PA so I've had enough time to get the snow out of my system! I definitely prefer living in the south now, but that's awesome that you like winter :) Looking forward to finding out more about your jar project! I may have an idea but I could be totally wrong lol.

    1. Hey Carmen! That jar project was the EASIEST thing I've done in a long time. Look for another little teaser on the blog, and a guest post at The Craftiest Allie in a few weeks (http://thecraftiestallie.blogspot.com). Of course, I'll be sharing the link in advance :)


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