City Homesteader: Prepare for Your 2014 Garden NOW!

Are you ready to get your hands dirty in the garden?

Awe man, am I ever ready! Spring cannot come soon enough. I’ve already got big plans for the little backyard greenhouse John is building me in a few months. I added three new raised beds at the end of the summer, and am ready to get the soil prepped for some serious growing.

Because I live in the city, I have to be much more intentional with my choices. My space is limited, my resources are on a much smaller scale, and city code often prohibits me from really making my backyard conducive to total sustainability.

Are you feelin’ me? I know you’re feelin’ me.

As I order my seeds and begin digging myself out of the snow, I’ve begun evaluating my inventory of gardening supplies. Here are some things you might want to add to your gardening arsenal - all of which I’ve personally found useful in my daily gardening tasks:

Wire basket
Tomato cages
Sprinkler tri-pod 
Weed-eater cultivator attachment 
Soil testers
Kneeling board
Compost bin
Hand rake
Pump sprayer
Wide brimmed hat
SPF 50 sunscreen
Hand scrub
Large stainless steel colander
Windowsill planters
Watering can
Gardening apron
Cool gardening t-shirt
Pressure canner
Water bath canner
Landscape fabric

What would you add to this list?


  1. You sound so enthusiastic I think it's rubbing off on me all the way over here! I must admit I've planted tomato seeds indoors and I too am itching to get on with it but it's too soon! Patience!

    1. I think I'm going to start my seeds within a week or so. Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. I'm hoping that my gardening skills improve! Nothing I've attempted has done well so far. :-) I'd love to try one raised bed instead of just using pots. Asparagus is also on my would love to have list. I just need more time now!

    1. I've been 'seriously' gardening for about 6 years, and I get better every year. The first two years or so were super rough. I was happy if I got a few cherry tomatoes and a few herbs! One thing I wish I did better was take notes. There are so many little things I should have written down!


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