Spending Strike: Day 4 - Meal Planning is Essential

After last night's spending strike challenge successfully averted, I felt pretty stellar today!

But I didn't realize almost having to spend $5 on a comedy show ticket would open up a whole new temptation. For lunch today, I really felt like grabbing a sandwich from the fabulous local deli down the street.

It's time to regroup.

It's time to reference that meal plan that I make every week:

It's time to get down and dirty in the kitchen, and make myself a healthier, more affordable meal from the ample amount of food I have my our house.

So, for lunch today I had a taco salad. In my pantry I had a few taco shells, black olives, and home-canned salsa. There was leftover ground beef in the fridge, which I seasoned with homemade taco seasoning. In the fridge I also found Greek yogurt (to use instead of sour cream), some lettuce that wasn't going to last much longer, and some diced onion from a leftover meal earlier in the week. Of course, I had an ample supply of cheese on hand to shred up as well.

I think a big ol' taco salad like that is much more fulfilling than a wimpy deli sandwich, don't you?

It's clear that meal planning is pretty essential for me to stick to my guns this month. I'm making French onion soup for dinner tonight {recipe coming soon!}, and here's what I have planned for the next week:

Lunch - Leftover French onion soup with a hunk of homemade bread
Dinner - Family dinner with my in-laws! I am bringing a hot side dish of some sort.

Lunch - Cold cut sandwich with the fixins and on homemade bread, fresh pineapple
Dinner - Cheese quesadilla with homemade guacamole and tortilla chips

Lunch - Cold cut sandwich with all the fixins and on homemade bread, an orange
Dinner -French toast {made with homemade bread} and fresh fruit

Lunch - Cold cut sandwich with all the fixins and on homemade bread, fresh pineapple
Dinner - Breakfast pizza from the deep freezer, an orange

Lunch - Leftover breakfast pizza, fresh pineapple
Dinner - Crock pot ham roast, frozen sweet corn

Lunch - Ham and cheddar sandwich {on homemade bread}, an orange
Dinner - Ham and cheesy taters, leftover sweet corn

Lunch - Mini-meatloaf and mashed taters
Dinner - Mini-baked spaghetti with meat sauce

Do you meal plan? What are you cookin' this weekend? Make me salivate, people!


Lastly, have you entered our give away to win a copy of The Spending Strike and The Spending Strike Workbook? Michelle and I are giving away a total of four copies of each, which means there will be four of our readers who will win a set!


Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $0
Money We Didn't Spend: $13 at the local deli


  1. Happy to hear you are sticking to your plan! You can do it! It's so tempting when you are out and you get hungry. Seems so much easier to do so. We had spaghetti with garden spaghetti sauce with mushrooms and meat. Then tonight we had chicken stirfry. Which means leftovers for a couple days! Plan on doing some chili in the crockpot too! Something that can be freezed for a meal in a couple weeks, maybe make chili dogs or nachos with it next!

    1. I love how each of those meals uses leftovers or similar ingredients, but is an entirely different meal. I'm diggin' the creativity, Jenn!

  2. Great job! A deli sandwich gets me every time:) I cooked up a big batch of fresh sausage, bacon, hashbrowns and eggs today, then turned half of it into breakfast burritos (for the freezer) and the other half into an egg casserole for dinner tonight. Huge success! And I even had crying, screaming kids under my feet. I'm whopped.

    1. Do you wrap up the burritos and freeze them whole, or just freeze the mixture and then thaw it and wrap your burritos fresh? I made breakfast pizzas for the freezer all the time, but burritos would be much easier for grab-and-go.


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