Spending Strike: Day 20 - Around the {City} Homestead…in January

I had kind of a weird day today, and I think it's because my idea of entertainment is changing. Normally on a day off (most schools aren't in session today in honor of MLK Day), I would sleep late, putz around the house doing random things, then clean up and do a little shopping, grab lunch with a girlfriend, hit up the local bookstore, and grab some takeout for dinner.

Today was different. I did sleep late :) but I didn't do any shopping or dining out. I had a few deep cleaning projects to do, and one involved the garage. The weather was somewhat mild today; the snow was melting and the sun was shining. As I was vacuuming our breezeway and organizing holiday decorations in our garage, I opened the big, overhead garage door and listened to the sounds.

I heard birds. {And cars. I'm a townie.}

I smelled fresh air.

Being outdoors today, especially on our little homestead in the city, gave me an awesome perspective of the beauty of each season in Iowa.

Take a look at the differences summer and winter can bring at our home:

You can see in that photo above that a season has marked a huge change for our backyard. We tore out a patio area and added three additional raised garden beds.

I love our backyard.

But I love our front yard, too.

This year I want to make our front yard 'work for us' a bit more, and add some edible landscaping {on the cheap} without compromising the integrity of our historic home.

Don't you think that each of these images, while very, very different is still pretty killer? That's what I love about living in Iowa: Experiencing each season.

I suppose I have this spending strike to thank for such an awesome day. Had I not embarked on this strike to spend $0 in a whole month, I would have found myself engulfed in a very different day off.

Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $75
Money We Didn't Spend: $15 for lunch, $25 for take-out dinner

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