Spending Strike: Day 14 - Resort Library & Book Swaps

I am a reader. You know that - I've blogged about it before. I've always got my nose in a book. Since quitting my full-time teaching job I've found that I'm reading more of what I am really interested in, rather than young-adult texts that I'd preview for potential classroom use.

Baby, let me tell you: I'm diggin' it. I can't wait to dive into a good novel while on vacation for a few days.

However, I am also a fast reader, and don't want to pack 4 or 5 books for the trip. {I don't have a Kindle, Nook or any type of e-reader other than my iPad, which has a horrible glare for reading.} Instead, I am taking two shorter books, and will take advantage of library book swaps while I am away.


You've never heard of that? Well, they exist, people! Almost every hotel, resort, or campground I've ever visited has a borrowing library for travelers. People bring in a book they've read, and trade it for another they haven't. For free. No questions asked.

I plan to read a book on the plane to Mexico, and then swap it for a new book at the resort for some beach reading. Before heading back to Iowa, I'll trade books again for some reading in the airport and on the plane.

And that, friends, is how sister gets her reading fix while not spendin' a dime.

Here are the numbers -

Money Spent Today: $0
Running Total: $30 {anticipated expense for airport parking}
Money We Didn't Spend: $10 - $20 on reading material


  1. I never knew you could do that! Its ridiculous how much more excited i am to go on a vacation now.

    1. So many places do this! I've been to several restaurants, coffee shops, and local pools/spas that have book swaps, too :)


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