Spending Strike: Day 11 - Saving $$ on Airport Parking? Is it possible?

I am a little worried about one upcoming expense regarding our Mexico trip that I just now remembered: Airport parking.

It's damn near unavoidable. I mean, I've got to get to the airport, right? And airport parking ain't cheap! We could easily ride with one of my in-laws and their kids, but it's such an imposition to ask for one of them to drive out of their way to pick us up.

I've got to get creative, and here's how: I have about $70 in my consignment account here in town. I took in two big totes of clothing and household items we no longer need or use on January 1st. I really had no intentions of spending the money, but I think this is a pretty good reason.

I looked online, and airport parking costs are fairly reasonable:

We will be paying for 6 days of parking, at $5 per day. So, it looks like I'll be using $30 of my consignment money on parking. However, if one of my in-laws want to ride together to the airport, I will gladly do so and split the parking fee.

In all fairness, I am going to go ahead and report that I've spent $30 on parking for our trip. It's only fair, right?

Here are the numbers -

{Anticipated} Money Spent: $30 on airport parking
Running Total: $0
Money We Didn't Spend: n/a

NOTE: The four winners of The Spending Strike and The Spending Strike Workbook will be announced next week!

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