One Act: December {A Conclusion to the Resolution}

It's crazy to think that 2013 is nearly over. As in, we only have two more days of this year before we're given a new shot at making a resolution to improve our lives.

That's what resolutions are all about, right? Something you resolve to do to make your life better, or the lives of others better?

If you've followed this blog for any length of time, it's likely that you came across my 2013 resolution: To complete one act of kindness every month for a whole year. This is the only resolution I've EVER kept for a whole year, and I can say that it's not only made other peoples' lives better, but I have become a better person as well.

Two weeks ago I spent four hours at a women's and children's shelter in the area. Each year they put on a gift drive for the women and their families that have used their services in the last six months. Anyone who has used those services in six months qualifies to pick up free holiday gifts for their children. They choose several gifts for each of their children from a huge ballroom full of brand new, age appropriate items.

I took my huge box of wrapping paper, ribbons, gift tags, and bows to the shelter to donate. Not only did I want to physically give something to the cause, but I wanted to get rid of all my holiday wrapping goodies. They simply don't jive with our sustainable living quest, and thanks to your comments on Facebook, I know there are other wrapping alternatives for holidays and special occasions.

After selecting gifts for their children, mothers are able to bring their items to the gift wrapping room for free wrapping. I volunteered in this room for four hours, and it was so stinkin' fun!

Here was my wrapping station:

I wrapped gifts for over 16 mothers, each of which were grateful and delighted to be able to provide their children with a happy holiday. They were upbeat and energetic, and our conversations were brimming with Christmas spirit. The other volunteers were fun to talk with, and we all had a blast.

This one act of kindness was the perfect way to end my 2013 resolution. It embodied the entire year of 'acts' that John and I completed. If you want to read all of the one act posts, go here!

Have you thought of your 2014 resolution yet? Do you make one? Leave your thoughts below!


  1. Great job Kelli! What a wonderful gift to give. I'm going to do the "change" jar this year. Save all my extra change throughout the year and then next December find a family that needs it.

  2. How great, Kelli. I think that's wonderful!! Just curious, how did you decide to wrap your gifts this year? :-) Happy New Year!

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