John's Latest Travels. And My Excitement to be a Roadie.

First, sorry for teasing you the other day when I alluded to John's recent travels for work. It's no secret, since I've been talking about our travels for several months, that John is all over the country for his job as an journeyman wireman {electrician}.

In fact, his travels this fall have been a short drive away, because September and October John was working in Illinois, only a few hours from home. He was working seven days a week, so I visited him several times {instead of him coming home and taking time off work}, and I was still able to substitute teach 3 days a week.

After that, he had about a month off, which was absolutely wonderful. We spent some quality time with our family and friends, and caught up on some fun stuff around the house.

Alas, all good things come to an end. Last week he took off for Des Moines, about 3 hours from home. John was intending to come home on weekends, or I would visit {like we did when he was in Illinois}, which would allow me to sub a few days a week. We also just celebrated our four year anniversary, and John finished the plans for my backyard greenhouse. He intended to start building it right after the new year.

Then, in less than 24 hours things changed.

John texted me at work {I was subbing with some awesome people - Hey Lindsy!} and said he was off to Birmingham, Alabama.

What?! Birmingham? What happened to Des Moines?

The sudden change in location was a shocker, but I was thrilled! And so was John. After all, that what I signed up for when I quit my job last year. Alabama will be a good place to spend the winter: The weather is warmer, it's a place he's never been, and the job will last for several months.

That's right: John could be in Alabama until the beginning of April. The job he's working on is a 100-day outage, so he is prepared for the long haul and is living in our camper, of course.

The digs are pretty nice, if you ask me:

Sadly, I wasn't able to join him right away. I had a few prior commitments that I wasn't able to reschedule. {Remember, John was given less than 24 hours notice to get himself to Birmingham.} And, with the holidays and a trip to Mexico coming up, I decided that I would join him in Alabama right after we returned from Mexico in the middle of January.

I have about four weeks to get things organized, and I'll be heading out for a few months to join my man and officially take on 'roadie' status. I hope to be down there for at least six weeks.

That's a big "W" for this girl.

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