Enjoy These Busy Holidays

If I've read it on Facebook once, I've read it a thousand times. Clearly, the business and hustle-and-bustle of the holiday season really drains some people.

I totally get it.

Bouncing around from family to in-laws, to friends, to another group of family members, to the kids, to your co-workers... Whew!

Yes, things get kind of crazy this time of year, don't they? To be honest, that's why I love Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. John and I both have big families - immediate or extended - and the number of parties, gatherings and celebrations we commit to this time of year is high.

I love it! I can't get enough! Bring on the wassail! More almond bark pretzels, please! Of course I'll participate in that gift exchange! Hold the egg nogg, thanks.

We realize that we are rich in family and friends, and the busy nature of the holiday season reminds us of that. No doubt, we would be very bored {and very lonely!} if we didn't spend every weekend jotting from one home to the next. The holiday season is only a few short weeks of the year, so if we didn't completely immerse ourselves in the joy that comes along with visiting with family and friends, we would really be missing out.

In the next two days that ensue, which will likely challenge your abilities to keep a tight schedule, I challenge you to be thankful and delighted in the presence of each of those you encounter.

Slow down. Breathe deeply. Have an extra glass of wine and pickled ham roll-up. Tell dirty jokes and stay up late. Reconnect with family you might not see again for another year. Hold the baby and breathe in the baby smell, even if it's poo. Ask gram for her recipe. Take photos in front of the tree and the cheese tray. Smile, and say "Happy Holidays" before you leave.

Speaking of which, Happy Holidays, all! Talk with you in a few days.

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