Putting My Garden 'TO BED' For the Season. And You Probably Should, Too.

What a weekend! I feel like Monday posts recently have encompassed me recapping a beautiful, yet productive three days. 

I guess that's what fall is all about, right - getting things sorted out before winter hits? The other day on Facebook, I asked where you all were from, and many of you are from Iowa or the Midwest. Holla!

That means you're gearing up for a crazy winter, too! I heard on the evening news last week that meteorologists are predicting a longer, more severe winter this year. I'm not totally jazzed, but I will admit: I like winter. 


I enjoy it. The snow, the cold weather, being cooped up {for a day or two, then I go all Redrum..}, and winter sports. But before I get into that frame of mind, I am using up every free moment to put my garden in order, and all of the other things that come with a city homestead. 

Here's what my garden looked like last week: 

The tomato plants are loaded, but all the 'maters are green. I picked the big ones and put them in a paper bag. {I heard they will ripen in a dark, dry paper bag.} The pepper plants are also loaded, and I picked them clean. The radishes haven't even begun to produce, so I tried to save them while tearing everything else out.

Also, at the advice of one of the most inspiring women in my life, and my former college professor (Hey, Julie Z.!!), I transplanted my chives into a pot.

Julie said she keeps hers in a big pot, and drags them into her garage over the winter, and they come back every year. I'm going to give it a try, because they were taking up valuable space in my raised beds.

I also harvested my carrots, which I had planted around our light pole by our garage. I didn't know how well they would do there, so I didn't plant many. I was so happy to see they did well, so next year I'm planting more, and in a better location.

I also planted some softneck garlic in the space around the light pole, as well as in one of the raised beds. Hopefully harvesting the garlic next summer will be as easy as planting it was.

So, this is what my garden looked like as of yesterday afternoon:

All of the veggies, except a little patch of radishes, are out and the garden is tilled. I plan on putting some cardboard, leaves, and mulch down when John gets home in November. The three beds closest to the camera are new, and I want to make sure there's nice soil waiting for my starts in the spring.

I also continued to preserve some of these goodies:

My freezer is filling up, and I love it! Bruce loves it, too - especially when I drop a quart baggie of applesauce on the floor.

Over the weekend, I did manage to have some quality time with my in-laws, who you know keep me grounded and connected to John while he's away.

I attended my two nephews' football game, and watched my niece cheer on Friday night. It was Senior Night, so the parents were honored along with their senior children. *tear*

Ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

And capped off the weekend with family dinner with my in-laws, and an episode of Frontier House on YouTube.

Do you have a garden? Have you put it to bed yet? How are you getting your home{stead} ready for winter? Leave a comment, and lets chat. 


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