An Empty Space. In Our Home, & My Heart.

Last week we heard the official news that the baby boy we had our hearts set on adopting was going to be returned to his birth parents.

Yeah, I know we kind of knew this already, but at that point there was still a sliver of a chance that he might be available for adoption. He had a court date set for September 19th, where things would be finalized. We just tucked that tidbit of information away in our brains for a few months, recommitted ourselves to our marriage, and decided to keep an open mind until September 19th.

Thankfully we didn't get our hopes too high, because things didn't turn out in our favor. {Again. Meh.} The judge decided, hopefully for the last time, that this sweetie would go back to his birth parents, and no longer be a part of the foster care system. This is amazing for the babe and his birth parents, but leaves me a wee bit sad.

Now that John and I are officially {yes, OFFICIALLY! I mean it!} moving on from fostering and adopting a child, we decided to take down the crib and baby things in our spare bedroom. Looking at a baby room every time I walked by the open door was emotionally challenging and, simply enough, it wasn't very functional for us. We have nowhere for guests to sleep, as we use our other bedroom as a home office.

We took apart the crib and other baby items and stored them away in the attic {with the bats}, and now have a clean slate for decorating and putting our spare bed back in the room.

Well, a fairly clean slate. You can see there's still some stuff in the room that will be relocated. Eventually.

As always, I'm going to decorate this room with things already in our home. Upcycling all the way, baby! I'm not going to paint or buy any new furniture, maybe just a side table or something junky I can repurpose.

What do you think? I need some design tips. When you look at this room, what do you envision?


  1. I feel so bad for you guys, but throwing your energy into a decorating project sounds like a great way to redirect yourself! And that's such a cool room - it's like two rooms, right?

    1. Yes, two rooms, kind of! Each of our upstairs bedrooms has a 'reading' or 'sitting' room attached to it. Complete with a window or two for natural light and an old rod for hanging a cloth divider. There was no electricity in either of the rooms when we moved in. John is an electrician, so that was quickly remedied.

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