A Perfect Fall Weekend.

Last night, while talking with John on the phone before heading to bed, I mentioned how happy I am. Things are falling into place for us, especially after a big {and stressful!} career change, giving up on being adoptive parents, and John traveling more in the upcoming year than he's ever done.

It feel pretty damn good to have our needs fulfilled, as well as most of our wants. I know life is cyclical, and there will be many times in our future where it's not-so-great, but we're going to get it while the gettin' is good. 

Got it? Good. 

This weekend was pretty symbolic of those cyclical patterns in life. Let me tell you all about it. 

On Friday night I watched my two nephews play and niece cheerlead at a football game. I love fall, especially those chilly football nights. John is working in Illinois, so he couldn't attend this game, but I still went and cheered on the J-Hawks with my in-laws. When John was away in Arkansas for six months, my in-laws were the closest connection I had to my husband. Family dinners every Sunday night helped me through some lonely weekends. 

Saturday night blasted me back into my own high school days, when I headed back to my hometown for my 10-year class reunion. Here are a few of my classmates that attended the reunion: 

The group might look small, but we only had 23 people in our graduating class, so this turnout was actually pretty good.

It was refreshing to catch up with my classmates, many of whom I haven't seen since our 5-year reunion. Except this girl, my BFF, Kara:

I see her goofy ass on a weekly basis. 

After our reunion, I spent the night at my parents' house. Waking up in my home on Sunday morning was the highlight of my weekend. My dad started putzing around in the kitchen around the coffee maker around 5 a.m., trying not to make too much noise, but making just enough to let everyone know that he was awake, and therefore everyone else should be as well. 

I didn't roll out of the rack until 7:45 a.m., and after collecting myself, we went outside to pick up apples that had fallen off the trees on a windy day. 

I love my home. My parents' farm. This is the only home I've ever lived in - I think my parents have lived here for almost 30 years.

While picking apples, we had to dodge fresh deer poo and sort apples that had been munched on by the wildlife.

These apples are Twilight-worthy.

I also got a trunk full of pumpkins and a variety of squash, in addition to some windfall apples.

Have I ever mentioned that my mom drives a semi? Hers is the white one.

Because my parents are full-time farmers, and have a decent-sized operation, it means my mom can't do dainty things on her fainting couch all day long. Girlfriend drives a semi to the co-op, hauling grain during harvest season. She sorts hogs and gets them ready for the sale. She's a tough cookie. And I love it.

Sunday night brought the close of my weekend, but it wasn't 'over' by any means. My good friend, Jenn, and I hosted a baby shower for our cutie-patootie friend and soon-to-be-baby-momma.

Baby momma loves Mexican food, so I made a build-your-own-nachos bar and tres leches cake for dessert {recipe to come later this week}.

I also got to hang out with Jenn's little man all night. Isn't he a little nanner nose?

Celebrating with good friends is really the icing on the cake, as far as weekends are concerned.

Life is truly cyclical - from a Friday night with dear family members, to a Saturday with sweet, old friends, and a Sunday with amazing, new friends - I'm sure you can see why I am so incredibly happy, right?

How was your weekend? What made it great? I know there was something - maybe something small - that really made your weekend. Tell me about it, would ya?!


  1. I had my 10 year high school reunion this same weekend too! I had 33 people in my graduating class. Small town life isn't for me but I find myself falling back to those habits more and more as I get older. I don't think I can leave the convenience of Target and Trader Joe's being just a few minutes away but I'm itching for some chickens in the backyard! lol

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