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One of my very favorite bloggers in all of the land, Sarah at Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity, wrote a few words that recently inspired me. Every month she does a "confessions" post where she tells her readers about crap that bothers her, or shares her recent embarassing moments, or rags on her husband. You all know how I like to rag on John, so you can see why I'm hooked on these confessions posts.

What I really love about those monthly posts, is that it gives her a moment to just freak out for a minute about all the crap that bothers a person in life. You know: work, John, my mom, litter bugs, the public education system, my neighbors, etc.

So, what I'm trying to get at here, is that I need to have a bit of a freak out. Similar to the SNL "Really?" segement on The Weekend Update. This post has nothing directly to do with eco-friendly or sustainable living, but there are subtle ties, so stay with me, people. I just need to question some of the low-brow shit in my life and say, "really?"

Like how I'm driving to a high school across town to sub the other morning, and two teens in a car ahead of me toss two styrophome containers of take-out food out their window onto the street. Really?! You're not just tossing your gum out the window, but a whole {non-biodegradable!} container and it's contents on your way to school. Really?! That's, like, 'go green' rule numero uno. Really.

Or how my neighbor in the four-plex across the street from our backyard annoys the hell out of me. And Manny. And Bruce. Every day when this dude gets off work, he parks on the street across from our backyard and proceeds to come up to our chainlink fence to reach over and pet the dogs. Really?! I was out in the backyard last night and actually took this photo of him "greeting" my dogs through the fence:

My dogs don't like you, or anyone else for that matter, coming up to their fence in their backyard to reach over and try to pet them. This is exactly why my dogs go crazy and bark when people walk by on that side of the street. Neighbor dude, they're going to bite you one of these days. Trust me. Bruce is f'ing nuts. Really.

Another thing that irks me is my other backyard neighbor's 'garden', and I use this term loosely. Just take a look:

This dude moved in about a year and a half ago, and because the previous owners had a nice fenced-off garden area, he wanted to plant a garden. Kick ass, man! I'll fist pump to that. He asked me to buy plants for him from my students' plant sale at the school I worked at. So, I did, and gave him all of his plants for free as a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift.

This is what neighbor dude's garden looks like. I know! REALLY?! Neighbor dude hasn't picked a single tomato or basil leaf from the garden. Nothing. Nada. Really. And he's let scabby trees grow up in the fence. Really, neighbor dude, don't ask me to get you plants that my students worked their butts off starting in a shitty public school greenhouse, then not even take care of them. At least make it look like you give a shit. Really.


Well, that felt nice. Sometimes, I just need to freak out. And I know you do, too. Feel free to leave a random, judgement-free freak out in the comments below. 

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Over and out. 


  1. That guy needs to get his own dog if he wants to pet one! Leave your dogs alone! That's why they are fenced in, to keep them away from people! Dude needs a life.
    As for the guy with the jungle....I mean, garden....um, don't ask for such great produce and then not take the time to care for it. Like you stated, those kids worked hard to grow those things.
    All you can say is....some people.

  2. What really gets me pissed is when my husband and I spend a lot of time and money sourcing our food and getting raw milk and grass fed beef etc. and then our best friends constantly make fun of our "organic shit". Oh really, you ignorant pieces of shit, maybe if you did your homework and did a little research yourself instead of stuffing your face with hamburger helper you would understand the importance of not eating your dinner out of a box of dehydrated chemical crap every night and maybe wonder why your kids are so tired mid day when you feed them cookie cereal and eggos with fake syrup every morning. I love them to death but seriously pull your head out and wake up! They make fun of us in a loving way but I know they don't agree with it at all or even understand it.

    1. Ha! John and I get this all the time, too. Sometimes from family members, even! We {mostly me} have snarky comments in return, which cools their jets a bit.

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