Did you do anything fun over the weekend? 

On Friday night we laid low at home, watching shows like Dateline and 20/20 {I love those shows, don't you?!}, because early Saturday morning our carpenter came over to work on our bathroom. John and I are doing most of our bathroom renovation ourselves, but there are some things (like a bit of carpentry and the plumbing) that we can't do. 

On Saturday night we caught a band with some friends. Isn't John a stud? 

I'm a sucker for a man with a beard. {Side note: Have you LIKED us on Facebook yet? You should. Seriously. It's a party.} 

Anyway, after cruising Facebook last night, I feel like a lot of you were probably working in your gardens and preserving the abundance of your harvests. Picture after picture of food preservation filled my newsfeed, and although I'm not doing as much canning and preservation as usual this year, I am still canning the basics {like this Basil Marinara Sauce}.

Yesterday we went to my brother's house and picked some apples from his tree. They are just getting ready to harvest, so we didn't pick a lot since we'll be back a few more times. 

My sister's boyfriend {future brother-in-law} is also named "John", and his tall, lanky frame was perfect for apple picking, especially since we were only picking what we could reach from the ground. 

After apple picking for a little bit, we just hung out before heading to my parents' house (a few miles away) for lunch. 

Ryan, my brother, has a couple farm cats that are good mousers, and this little fella was actually pretty fun to snuggle with - which says a lot, because I'm not really a cat person.

That's my man - the one with the beard.

And this is me, with a faux 'beard' of freckles and age spots from several years of sun damage.

How did we get here, on this topic of sun spots? I guess that's where a profile shot will take the conversation.

It was nice to get away for the afternoon, but now that I sit here and reflect on a pretty fun weekend, I realize how much I have to do this week.

I am subbing two days this week, our plumber is finishing all of our bathroom plumbing today, we have to install about 6 more tiles around the plumber's work, we need to grout the floor, set the sinks and toilet, set the super heavy claw foot bathtub, and paint the new laundry closet doors and wainscoting so they can be installed next week (after our finish work guy comes to work his magic).

So. Much. To. Do.

And that doesn't even include the bathroom lighting, painting, closet shelving, and putting-together-of-the-rest-of-the-house that is on my agenda for the next few weeks.

Things are nuts, but I know you knuckleheads are excited to see what we're up to with the reno, so on Wednesday I'll give you an in-depth, half-way point update.

Stay tuned!

Over and out.


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