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Happy Monday, knuckleheads!

I feel like I've been a slacker blogger for the last week or so by not updating our Facebook page very often or working on some projects around the house, but it's all for good reason. We had a big family reunion on my dad's side of the family two weekends ago, then my grandma and aunt on my mom's side of the family came from out of state for a week-long visit last week. I spent some time traveling between our home and my parents' house {about an hour and a half away} last week, seeing family that I only see once a year, if at all.

I know you guys understand how important it is to 'get it while the gettin' is good' - especially when it comes to out-of-town visitors. My parents played host and hostess to family visiting from near and far. I ate too much, drank just enough, and shared a lot of laughs.

Alas, I'm back to blogging about super important things (psssshhhhh - right) and before I forget, I want to tell you about something cool I did a few weeks ago.

There is an amazing organization called Families Helping Families that provides infant and children's items to local foster and adoptive families in our community. I donated a big tote of baby items to the organization, which is part of my 2013 New Year's Resolution to do one act of kindness each month, for a whole year.

Not to be conceited about my own generosity or anything, but I'm kickin' ass at this resolution. 

Some of the things we donated were a few packs of unopened baby wipes, gently used bottles, lots of newborn and 0-3 month clothing, new baby socks and booties, a gently used baby bathtub, a swing (which we actually got from Families Helping Families about a year ago), blankets, and more smaller baby items.

Since our foster license expired a few days ago on August 1st, we won't need to have any clothing or baby supplies on hand. If we have a baby of our own some day, we can always get new (i.e., gently used). We are still licensed to adopt (and hope to adopt!), so we kept our larger items, like the crib, or things that we can use no matter the gender or age of child.

It might sound a little weird, but it feels really good to give to this organization that helps foster families, even though we didn't have a good experience as foster parents. We think there are probably a few young foster couples out there like us who might benefit from a little extra support.

Who knows, I might even volunteer there a few hours a month.

Over and out.

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