Labor of Love: Thankful for a Hard-Workin' Man.

The start of the school year was very different for me this year. I didn't have my own classroom to prepare, or lessons to plan, or beginning-of-the-year in services to attend. I started the school year in a 7th grade language arts classroom, after spending six years teaching secondary English and journalism. Next week I'll be in an 11th grade language arts classroom. The week after that? Probably a new grade level or subject.

That's the life of a substitute teacher.

I have to admit, I am loving it so far! I get to pick-and-choose which teaching assignments I take, and I have experienced variety in my work day. They say teaching brings something new every day, which is true, but substitute teaching really embodies that phrase.

The only downfall I can see, when comparing teaching full-time in my own classroom to substitute teaching 3/4 time, is the pay. As a substitute teacher, I make significantly less than when I taught full-time. This doesn't necessarily bother me, because I am doing a fraction of the work, people! Seriously. I follow the teacher's lesson plan and make sure students leave the classroom unscathed.

As I anticipate the three-day weekend in honor of Labor Day, I began thinking about the 'labor' that John and I put forth to make the lives we've created for each other.

John has willingly become the breadwinner of our two-some family, knowing that when I became a substitute teacher I would not earn as much money to contribute to our household. For his understanding and willingness to take on this responsibility, I am forever grateful.

I suppose that's the labor of love, right?

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