Inspiration: Bathroom Remodel

I think I am going crazy. 

For some reason, I can't convince myself to take it easy on projects around the house, and lately my mind has been wandering to the least favorite room in our home: The Bathroom. 

I hate our bathroom. Specifically, I hate our bathroom's layout. 

Take a peek at the chaos: 

Are you confused yet? You should be, I mean, I can't even figure out how to photograph the bathroom because of the awkward layout.

But wait! There's more.

Do you get it? Do you see why I can't stand this bathroom any longer, people?! That damn laundry closet right in the middle of the bathroom is chapping my ass. And the beautiful, tall ceilings bring wasted space that could be used more efficiently. 

We are hoping to begin demo on our bathroom at the end of August, and in order to make the work go smoothly, we've begun planning all phases of the project. 

Since John is an electrician, we clearly have that area covered. We are in need of a plumber, first and foremost, and have already had plumbers in and out of our home preparing bids. We also need someone to do the flooring, since laying tile isn't something these two DIYers want to tackle just yet. 

Here is our inspiration: 

I hope to replicate the bathroom in the photo above and below. 

I like the crisp look of this bathroom too. Clearly we are planning on two pedestal sinks with matching mirrors or medicine cabinets.

I think vintage pendant lights above each sink will look kick ass. So I bought two, for $118 total. They were a little bit more than a wanted to spend, but they are stunning and look like old bistro pendants.

I want to have a vintage, slightly industrial feel, while reusing as much as possible. We asked every carpenter that came to our house if it was possible to reuse the tile on our floor currently, and each time we were met with a firm 'NO'.

So, we went to a fancy-shmancy flooring store and got 5 samples to take home. When we picked one we loved, we knew we couldn't afford $5.54 a square foot for our 93 square foot bathroom. So, we took that tile sample to our 'big box' hardware store and purchased something very, very similar for just $2.79 a square foot. With an extra 10% of tile added for mistakes and cutting, we spent $285 on a beautiful grey patterned ceramic tile.

Speaking of reusing - even though we couldn't reuse the tile, I was lucky enough to find a pedestal sink and medicine cabinet that exactly match the existing sink and cabinet we currently have, for $238. I got so lucky! Just think if I couldn't find a matching sink and medicine cabinet to complete the look we are going for?! We'd be spending at least $400 for four new pieces.

Wanna know what else we are reusing? All of the faucets, towel bars, and other hardware for the sinks and bathtub. We just so happen to have a complete matching set that is in perfect condition. That's a little more money saved!

So, if you're counting, we spent about $649 on 102 square feet of flooring, a vintage-looking pedestal sink and medicine cabinet, and two bistro pendant lights.

We've selected our plumber, who is going to take care of all our plumbing business for $800, but we have yet to nail down a dry-waller who can do some specialty drywall work for us.

I think we can do this whole remodel for less than $4,000, guys! That's a big deal, because one contractor said the whole bathroom would cost between $12,000 and $15,000.

I don't know who that dude thinks he's dealin' with, but that just ain't gonna fly around here.

Hold me to it, friends. $4,000 or less - that's what this remodel will cost.



  1. You guys can totally handle the tile install, it's really not that bad, just rent a tile saw from Home Depot or Lowe's. I was in the same boat in wanting a totally new bathroom but doing it on the cheap. Hence, reusing the vanity cabinet, using a solid wood door for a countertop, re-using shower, shelves, etc. Can't wait to see it!

    1. I just said to John, "We're going to tile our own floor. Megan did it, so we can, too!" In actuality, the carpenter's quote for $1,600 JUST to do the tile floors was what convinced him. Wish us luck!

  2. Yes, you can do your own tile work. Make sure you get one of the big tile saws, it is much easier to get picky cuts with. We have just re-done two bathrooms, one has a new vanity, tile floor, and drywall. The other one has a new shower(no tub) shower doors,(on sale, someone changed their mind), floor tile, and vanity. We were able to get a $300 vanity top and sink(another changed mind) for $45. We have about $1,000 in the one we eliminated the tub from, and maybe $700 in the other one. I still have to get mirrors, but have not decided what I want.

    1. WOW - this sounds great! I am going to post an expense breakdown in a week or two; stay tuned.

  3. Awesome post! I'm getting ready to remodel my own bathroom!

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