$0 Breezeway Facelift.

Remember back at the end of April when I told you about my deep desires to give my breezeway a facelift

And remember when I said I had no money to do it. Well, I still don't have the money to do it, and don't want to break my spending strike anyway, so I rolled up my sleeves and gave our breezeway a very subtle makeover. 

Here are a few shots of what it looked like before: 

And here's what it looked like as of last night: 

You'll notice a few things have changed. First, I painted the walls a yellow-beige; Dutch Boy's 'Almond Oil'. I happened to have an extra 3/4 of a gallon from our foyer makeover. You see I also took down the curtains that - ahem - adorned the windows.

A while ago my mom gave me these two old black boards, so I just added a few hooks that were in our junk drawer. John took down the old single board, and hung these two 'new' boards at a handy height above our recycling and deep freezer, which will be a huge organizational help this winter when we strip down out of our cold weather gear.

Right now, it's perfect for Manny and Bruce's leashes.

I also cleaned up and organized our recycling area by our deep freezer, and scrubbed (I mean scrubbed!!) all of the white trim until it was gleaming. I did my best to lift some stains from the carpet, too.

I also took the two light fixtures down and brushed away all the dead bugs. After a spin in the dishwasher, these lights are fresh and bright. Even though they are from the early 80s.

Oh, yeah! Formerly on the shelf above the window was a bunch of canning supplies and other crap that I didn't use. The crap went to a local consignment store. The canning stuff went into the kitchen.

I kept the old {ugly} black chair, since we use it to put our shoes on and, out of habit, I always keep the dogs' paw towel on the back of the chair.

{Did I ever tell you about that little white paw towel? My sister made it for me for Christmas one year. She was dog sitting for us, and dipped Manny's paw in black paint and put three of his paw prints on a flour sack towel. This is his special towel for us to wipe his paws before coming in the house. I have a sweet, thoughtful sister, don't I?}

Ok, back to the shelf above the windows. I had three clear totes in a closet in our spare bedroom that I wasn't using, so I put all of our hats and winter headgear into one tote, gloves and mittens in another, and winter scarves in the third.

Lastly, you might notice I took all of the art off the walls above the stair railing. It was just too busy.

I am diggin' this new look, people. It's fresh, clean, and uncluttered.

Tell me what you think! And tell me about your favorite FREE facelift project. Inquiring minds want to know. 


  1. It looks great! I love when you can change a whole room or area in your house by reorganizing and decluttering. I have some extra paint in our cellar that I would like to see if I can use to paint our kitchen. It is dark green and I want it to be a cream or white color.

  2. Wonderful and fresh, although with a neighbor that close, I would hang blinds.

  3. Amazing what we can do with a bit of paint and elbow grease. It looks good. Definitely an improvement without the curtains. I recently tore down all of the old curtains that we inherited when we bought our house. :) Someone at the thrift store will like them.


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