Herbs or {h}erbs?

Which way do you find yourself pronouncing 'herbs'?

With the 'h' or without it?

I guess it doesn't really matter.

The point is, I harvested a ton of herbs from my garden this morning, like basil.

And even some leaf lettuce, which I know isn't an herb. Lay off.

I also picked the buds off of the chives and cilantro.

They are going to seed, and I want to see if I can preserve the seeds for use next spring. I know nothing about seed saving, and I'm pretty sure these are a hybrid, which means they probably won't work for seed saving. Whatevs.

I don't think I should even bother with the chives, they are pretty abundant.

What are you harvesting from your garden? 
Is it still a little early for you? 

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