We Need to Eat Better. And Exercise.

John and I got chubby over the winter. There's no way around it. We indulged in beer and all things fried, and we didn't stay active.

Don't get me wrong. We had fun. Always do. We especially love beer and all things fried, and therefore we were (and are) very happy. But after that trip to the Smokies where we spent a week being very active, we realized that we like the way it made us feel. We had more energy, slept better at night, and just felt better.

And in the two weeks I was traveling (and being more active, eating healthier, blah, blah, blah) I lost 8 pounds.

Granted, I sweated my ass off. Every. Single. Day. But that's neither here nor there.

Thus begins the summer of eating well and being active. We've tried diets (together and solo), and we haven't found anything that we can (or want to) stick with. And lets be real, I am not a fan of dieting, friends. I'm really not. I hate feeling like I am restricting myself to certain types of foods, or avoiding others altogether.

And I sure as hell am not putting a diet supplement into my body. I can barely take an ibuprofen without feeling weird in the head more weird in the head that usual.

But really, does anyone really enjoy a diet? I think it's more about making good choices, right?

When I was visiting John in Arkansas and had to run to the grocery store. I made it a point to pick up lots of fresh fruits and veggies. My garden is a long while from producing anything, and I couldn't locate a farmer's market, so the wax-covered fruits and veggies would have to suffice.

It's better than a Hot Pocket, right?

Anyway, it's easy to eat lots of cool fruits in Arkansas because it's so f-ing hot! I'm talkin' 85 degrees by 9 a.m.

I don't really have a problem with exercise. I don't have a gym membership anymore, so you're not going to find me attending a hot yoga or Body Pump class, but I do lead a remotely active lifestyle. I garden and take care of the house while John is traveling, I'm walking the dogs almost every day (weather permitting), and we really like hiking when we are camping.

I'm not super active, but I'm not sedentary either. Like most people, a summer lifestyle makes it more conducive to living healthy and losing weight. And John is working on his feet all night, so that shit head it probably going to trim down a lot faster than me.

But I'm not bitter or anything.

Any tips for us as we start our non-diet diet? What works for you? 

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  1. You crack me up and you are probably right. He will trim down faster. Seems like men always do. :( It is a constant struggle to eat healthy and get enough exercise, I agree, and like you I think diets just set you up to fail. Too restrictive.


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