The Plate.

It's no secret, friends, that I love my historic home. 

No secret at all. 

I love everything about it: The woodwork, the quirky rooms (especially upstairs), the wraparound front porch, the tall ceilings, and a funky little ditty in our kitchen. 


Did you see it?


Let's get a little closer.

Yep. That's it.

We call it "the plate".

But it's not really a plate, per say.

The plate is made of yellow tin, and features a classic winter farm scene in the middle. The plate actually covers a perfectly circular hole in the wall of our kitchen. When we moved in we thought the previous owner actually had a collection of these or something and accidentally forgot one. I had no idea this plate served a purpose for our home and, lo and behold, is a functional piece of 'architecture'.

In fact, when we moved in I promptly retrieved a little step stool and began prying that plate off the wall. When I got it off the wall, I realized there was a large hole behind it that obviously led to somewhere important.

So I put the plate back on the wall.

And told John not to touch it.

So there it hangs, that fancy little plate.

I guess way back when, one of the main sources of heat (and probably the source of cooking meals) in our home was a wood stove, which was housed in the kitchen. The wood stove vented through the wall where you see this plate.

It's just another example of the quirky features that make up our home.

And yeah, we know it's ugly and does not match anything in our home.

And no, we have no intentions of removing it.

The Plate lives on, my friends.

Long live The Plate.

Over and out.


  1. hilarious! And your wall color is SO PERFECT with your woodwork!

    1. Thanks! We also used this color in our bathroom after the renovation. We simply used a leftover gallon, but I feel like the color looks so different in the two rooms. I love them both, though.

  2. When my husband and I started dating I saw "plates" hanging on the wall at their house as well. My father-in-law told me they were popular in the 40's and 50's to cover a hole where a stove pipe use to be.


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