Planting A Garden in Two Hours. Woot!

I'm gonna do some braggin', friends. Tootin' my own horn, if you will.
(I didn't intend for that to sound erotic. Anyone else's mind go into the gutter with that one?)


I planted my garden a few days ago, and I got it 100% up and running in two hours. I should also note that I did this all by myself.

(I am woman, hear me roar!)

I got off work and got changed by 5 p.m., and although I was regretting the endeavor because it was 93 degrees, I pulled the mammoth tiller out of the shed and got down to business.

Again, I should note that I have never tilled a garden before. This was always John's job.

After quick instructions and a pep talk from John, I gripped it and ripped it. Fifteen minutes later, here's what I had:

Yep. Fifteen minutes was all it took to get my three raised beds ready for planting. At this point, I was looking for more things to till up. You know, now that I'm an expert tiller and everything.

Next, I got all of my plants (which I purchased from my school's FFA for $21) in the beds. I followed the plan I created a few weeks ago. This took about 30 minutes, because I gave each plant a little TLC and a motivational talk before it went into the bed.

Each tomato and pepper plant also got it's own cage. (I cage the plants now, because I know in a few weeks when they are growing like, ahem, weeds I will forget to cage them. That's no bueno.

Finally, I wrapped each of the beds in chicken wire to keep rabbits out. This part sucks, and I was swearing at John for working out of state at this point. It's a huge hassle to weed and water over top of the chicken wire, but when the plants get stronger I'll remove it.

Caging the plants and setting up the chicken wire took another 30 to 45 minutes.

And I know it looks ghetto. Leave me alone.

Lastly, I set up a little 'irrigation system'. Mother's Day weekend I went home to have lunch with all of the important women in my life, and my dad gave me about 200 feet of soaker hose.

Granted, it was old soaker hose that he used to prepare his hog buildings for power washing, and there was hog poo all over the hose, but that's neither here nor there. It was free, it was in great condition, and I needed to create an irrigation system. This part of the process took me about 30 minutes.

Here's what it looks like:

I left about 2 feet of soaker hose just outside the bed so I can easily hook up the hose from my rain barrels. I plan to use the little sump pump that my parents gave me (after our basement flooded) to help get the water to the raised beds more quickly.

And that, friends, was pretty much the process of planting my garden. I spent about 15 to 20 minutes cleaning everything up, and then went inside to make a grilled cheese.

'Cuz there's nothing better than a grilled cheese.

Just sayin'.


PS - I'd love it if you told me what you are planting in your garden, I would be a happy girl. You might even be inclined to tell me about some of your time-saving tips.

Over and out.


  1. I don't have a garden, so no tips! Just want to say, you are an inspiration to many women. Thanks for showing that us ladies can do anything that a man can do!
    Your garden looks great!

  2. I am impressed with your time management! You did great! Our garden just dried enough to work yesterday so it has been tilled and 2 dozen tomato plants added. We attend the university's tomatoe festival each year where samples of nearly 100 varieties are offered so I branched out and tried several varieties that are new to us. The rest of the garden will probably be seeded with millet again. I have started using cattle panels to tie and hold the tomato plants.

    1. Thanks, Sharline! The tomato festival sounds fun (there is a bacon festival in Des Moines, IA I hear. Mmmmmm, bacon). I bet you got a lot of cool recipe ideas, too. I couldn't bring myself to even plant any cherry tomatoes this year. By the end of the season, I can't stand eating another tomato, so have cherry tomatoes daily would just about put me over the edge! Ha!

  3. How many rain barrels do you have? Where did you get them? Do you like them? And you have any advice for someone looking to purchase some?
    I am looking into getting some rain barrels for our school garden. We are applying for a grant to help pay for them, but I really have no clue how many we need or where to get them. We have five raised beds. I think they're all 4 feet by 10 feet. Any advice you could provide would be much appreciated!

    1. We have 11 rain barrels that my husband (John) made. He used 50-gallon food-grade barrels from the Kalona Cheese Factory, located about 40 minutes from our home. The cost to make them was amazing - only about $10 per barrel. If you can get your hands on some barrels and feel comfortable making your own, I would go that route. You'll just have to put in some time to make them. If you buy them from a store, they can cost more than $70 each, but the time commitment is low. For a school garden, I would imagine your budget would be tight (unless your grant is pretty big).

      Just in case, here's a link to how John made ours:

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