Next Project: Concealing the Rain Barrels.

Sometimes I feel like my mind is racing 100 miles per hour with all of the projects I want to accomplish. That feeling is only accelerated with John being gone, because it's all on me to finish them. 

One project that I would really like to accomplish in the month of May is concealing the fleet of rain barrels that John made me for Valentine's Day. 

That man is an absolute peach. He knows the way to my heart is a homemade gift that is functional, sustainable, frugal, and relating to gardening or cooking.

However, back in February we didn't really have Mother Nature on our side to rig up some type of lattice to conceal the 'blue-ness'.

See what I mean:

From the street or a neighboring house, these babies can be kind of an eyesore. We priced out a long sheet of lattice at Menards, which will cost about $30, and can use zip ties, and the fence posts and fence post driver (seen in the photo below on the right of the barrels) to secure it to the ground. I just need to borrow a truck to get the lattice home from Menards.

I'll put the lattice about 2.5 - 4 feet from the barrels, so I can still use a hose or pump to remove the water. The lattice will sit just in front of the red mulch in the photo above.

Then, I'll up cycle some Purington Paver bricks from another project to landscape around the lattice. I intend to plant a climbing plant at the base of the lattice to add some greenery and further conceal the barrels.

It's a project that I can easily complete on my own in an afternoon or less.

And a project my neighbors will clearly thank me for.

Over and out.

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