Kitchen Revamp!

Hey all!

I am so excited to tell you that I've finally decided on a paint color for my kitchen, which means I can finally start on revamping my kitchen - an item on my project agenda for over two years.

Yes, for two years I have put off painting and revamping my kitchen.


Because when we bought this house in 2008, the kitchen and bathroom were freshly remodeled. That's right - brand new granite countertops, appliances, cabinetry - the works! So, when John and I began working on our house and making it our own, we started with painting the downstairs rooms (they were all in great condition, so a coat of paint was all that was needed). Then, we focused a good year or two on our upstairs bedrooms. The old plaster walls were crumbling and we needed to remedy that fast.

Now, fast forward to 2013. There are no real structural remodeling projects that need to be done (yeah, yeah, you all know that I desperately want to finish our side attic and add an upstairs laundry and half-bath).

This means that I can paint over the red accent wall in the kitchen. Yep. The red that makes our kitchen appear dark and dingy. The red that shows any speck of dirt or smudge because it's a semi-gloss paint.

I'm more of an eggshell or satin kinda girl.

The first step was to pick a few colors to cover the red and that would also match the gray (or grey?) walls in the dining room and kitchen. Remember: I'm only painting over the red, which means I'm only painting two walls.

I painted a few swatches in the kitchen, then I made my choice: A gray, about one shade darker and a little less of a 'blue' tint than then other gray in the kitchen.

Here's what my kitchen looked on that day:
(Sorry for the photo quality. Once again, all I used was my phone.)


Want to see my choice and how it turned out? You'll just have to come back and read about it tomorrow.

That's right, you'll have to wait 24 hours for the big reveal. Hold onto your underoos!

Over and out.

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