True Life: I'm Addicted to Rearranging Furniture

I love rearranging furniture.

I really do.

I mean, not only do I get a fresh look with not-so-fresh items, but I get to do those semi-annual "sweep under the couch" cleanings.

And you wouldn't believe how many single socks, dog rawhides, and pocket change I find under there. A few days ago when I switched around my furniture I found not one, but two pair of my underoos under the couch.


And before you wonder: No, John and I were not gettin' freaky in the living room. Bruce is actually to blame. He's naughty and always steals my underoos from the clean clothes that I fold and place in a clothes basket by the stairs to be put away later. He grabs 'em up and squirrels them away.

He must have really been whippin' 'em around and tossing them in the air for them to get lost under the couch, though.

Clearly, I'm a proud doggie mom.


I digress.

Last weekend I wanted to move the little dog bed I made for Manny last year (so he can look outside the windows at the wildlife, pedestrians and cars that pass by) back to the living room. That meant rearranging some of our furniture and completing the aforementioned cleaning.

Here's what our living room looked like before (sorry for the dark photo - it was taken on my phone):

And after I moved Manny's little perch in the living room, here's how it appears:

Very subtle differences, but it feels fresh to me nonetheless.

Bruce seems to be satisfied with the new arrangement as well.

The little shit is probably sitting on a pair of my underwear right now.

Over and out.


  1. Looks good! You're pooch is so naughty, only a mommy could love him when he does such things! :P
    Love the arrangement. It's great to do this from time to time, even (in my case) if your hubby hates it! :P

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