Top 10 Things I'll Miss About Teaching

The cat's out of the bag at work, people.

I turned in my letter of resignation (which states that I do not intend to renew my teaching contract) last week. Within about 2 hours of emailing it to my superintendent and principal, teachers in my building were already approaching me about the news.

News like that tends to get around fast, I guess!

That evening I emailed my newspaper and yearbook students to let them in on the news. They, more than some of the other classes I teach, would be more impacted by my choice because of their role in the newspaper or yearbook student organizations.

When the first student approached me the next morning with tears in her eyes I just about lost it.

I managed to keep myself relatively composed, though.

For as much as I look forward to this new life I am building, I am surely going to miss the old life I am leaving behind. Especially the students.

Totally, 100% the students.

But there are other things I will miss, too. So, in no particular order:

The Top 10 Things I Will Miss About Teaching:
  1. Hearing a teenager say, "Can you tell us what happens next?", or "I can't believe how that chapter ended!" or "That was a great book!"when we are exploring literature together.
  2. Drinks with teacher-friends on a Friday after a particularly long week. And the collegiate atmosphere that comes with conversing with other teachers. 
  3. Planning a kick-ass lesson and knockin' it outta the park in class. Which didn't happen quite as often as I liked. 
  4. Every newspaper and yearbook deadline with my journalism students. Every. Single. Deadline. 
  5. Emails from grateful parents, grandparents, or community members. I printed each one an put in a special box at home. 
  6. The first day of school. 
  7. High five-ing students and teacher friends in the hallway. For no reason other than everybody likes a high five. 
  8. Talking with graduates who say they were prepared for college because of the texts I forced them to read or the writing I made them complete. 
  9. Talking with groups of people about things that are important to me, whether it be a lesson topic, something about sustainable living, a weekend project I completed, or something ridiculous John did over the weekend.
  10. The students. Even the naughty ones. Hands down. 

It was hard to stop at 10. 

Over and out. 

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