Top 10 Things I Will NOT Miss About Teaching

Yesterday was a sad day for me.

I put into writing some of the most important things I will miss about teaching. It was hard, people. Really hard.

But there's always that silver lining, isn't there?

For anyone who has ever encountered a career change, I'm sure you've had that moment of fear or regret where you question your decision, right? Did you also have a few - ok, maybe several - moments where you felt liberated and a bit excited about your decision?

Me too.

While there are so many, many things I will miss about teaching, there are a few things I won't.


The Top Ten Things I Will Not Miss About Teaching!
  1. Only using the restroom during lunch or my prep period. 
  2. A 20 minute lunch break. 
  3. Teenagers (and/or their parents) who purposefully say hurtful things. Or say hurtful things to teachers or staff because they are ignorant. 
  4. Always being on the lookout for students or parents when I'm out on weekends - lets face it, teachers are scrutinized more critically for their personal choices.
  5. Being responsible for raising another person's child, or correcting a teenager's bad habits that were created by another adult (or in absence of another adult). And I anticipate that society will not be veering from this direction any time soon...
  6. Having my day ruled by bells. 
  7. Faculty meetings. Or any meeting, really. I. Hate. Meetings.
  8. Useless professional development. And when I say 'useless', I mean PD that is not valuable specifically to the attendees. I have also attended my fair share of excellent, mind-blowing PD.
  9. State mandates, created by officials who have never taught. And enforced by administrators who have never taught. And criticized by community members who have never taught.
  10. Parent or "home" phone calls or emails. I absolutely hate contacting home for bad reasons. It never turns out well. 

Over and out. 


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  1. I cannot even imagine the "cost" of being a teacher in this day and time. Only to say thank you for the time you did teach.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, and THANK YOU for reading! Teaching is probably the most difficult and rewarding job I could have selected for myself. Indeed it will be bittersweet on my last day.

  2. I especially like 5 and 9 as a homeschooling mom. Thanks for sharing on Wildcrafting Wednesday.


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