Paper Display for Craft Corner.

Hey readers! How's it going? 

Today I want to share another free junkin' find - courtesy of my mom. 

I told you the other day that I went to my parents' house recently and my mom gave me a bunch of items that she wasn't using. 

This little ditty is one of them: 

I had no idea what it was, so she explained that you hang it vertically on the wall to display greeting cards, special photos, and other small paper-things that are important. 

Right away my mind went to my 'craft corner' in our home office. I knew exactly where this guy would hang, but first I got out my espresso-colored spray paint and gave 'er a quick coat of paint. 

Then, I took down an old clock that was hanging in this corner and put up the wire card display.

Then, I raided my greeting card drawer and put up some of the blank cards that I keep on hand for special occasions.

This will fit perfectly with this corner, which I use a lot of preparing and packaging gifts for family and friends.

I am thrilled.

I mean, how often do you score on something for free that serves many purposes: Organizing your home and displaying pretty things?

Not often, my friends.

Sadly, Bruce doesn't share in my excitement.

What a buzz kill.

Over and out.

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