Next Project: The Breezeway.

There really are so many home projects I want to tackle right now, it's not even funny. 

I think it stems from the fact that I am not renewing my teaching contract and spring fever has hit me like a sack-uh-taters. 

I want to paint my kitchen, find and refinish furniture for our master bedroom nook, remodel our bathroom, finish off our attic, and do something to our hideous breezeway. 


Take a look: 

This space needs is currently very functional for us. There's a place to hang coats and we have our deep freeze a few steps from the kitchen.

It's also functional because our recycling bins are just outside our kitchen door. Bueno!

But man, is this space UGLY!

The carpet needs to go, even if we just replace it with stick on tile. There needs to be more build-in storage so we can lose the portable coat rack.

I'd really love some type of organizational piece for shoes and outerwear.

Now I'm just counting down the days until the end of the school year. After that, I'll be hitting up yard sales and flea markets for frugal finds that I can junk up to transform this space.

Until then, this will have to serve as the "welcome wagon" for our garage and backdoor.

Some welcome wagon it is...

Over and out.

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