Kitchen Must-Haves

I've been living on my own, and therefore cooking for myself, for 10 years.

That's right, this spring marks 10 years since I graduated high school and moved out on my own for college.

In those 10 years I've relied on my mom quite a bit to help me feed my desires for her homecookin', but I've also found my own niche in the kitchen.

Regardless of the creations I've made (or destroyed), there are some essential tools that I rely on regularly in the kitchen.

In honor of being on my own for 10 years, I'd like to share with you 10 of my kitchen must-have's, in no particular order:
(Where possible, I included a link to the items I have in my kitchen.)


1. A good quality wisk (because there's nothing worse than mixing things with a fork)

2. A bread maker (below isn't the exact model of my machine, but it's the same brand)

3. A hand mixer (again, not the same model - because mine is several years old - but it's the same brand)

4. A food processor (I never put mine away in the summer because I use it daily for garden salads and canning)

5. A bread knife (because if you're makin' homemade bread, you have to use a good knife to get nice slices!)

6. White dishes (food always looks better on a crisp, white plate or serving dish - many thanks to G&G Kennon and Gramma Jan and Grampa Jerry for our dishes!)

7. A Tupperware "gravy shaker" (if you buy one Tupperware item, this should be it)

8. Water bath canning kit (see the sidebar to the right for all of the items I've canned using my kit)

9. Flour sack kitchen towels (these towels are cheap, absorbent, and are really big)

10. A cookbook holder (that my mom picked up for me at a thrift store - I use this all the time to keep my cookbooks upright and out of the way of my cooking messes)


There really are countless items that I use on a semi-regular basis in my kitchen. Many of those items are utensils (I mostly use bamboo or metal) because I try to pare down the number of appliances or one-purpose tools. I have a decent sized kitchen with really nice cupboard space, but with all of the food preservation I do, I want to use my pantries and cupboards for those goods. Also, I don't like clutter on my countertops - other than my bread machine, there's no appliances on my kitchen counters.

I'd love to hear about some of YOUR kitchen must-haves, especially those things you use daily or serve multiple purposes.

Spill it in the Comments section below, people!

Over and out.

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