Home Project Must-Haves

Recently I posted about my must-haves for the kitchen, and after receiving an email suggestion from a reader (keep the suggestions coming!) I'd like to present some of my crafting or project must-haves.

In no particular order, the tools and items I couldn't live without when it comes to home projects are:
(Where possible, I've included a link to the item.)


1. A hand sander with an ample supply of big sheets of sandpaper (in a variety of grits).

2. A cordless drill (I highly recommend getting an extra battery pack, too!)

3. A spray paint "gun"(We have a dual purpose gun that John can use for auto paint as well)

4. A small measuring tape

5. Straight pins

6. Saw-tooth wall art hangers and a variety of Command strips (I also invest in the refill packs!)

7. A small hammer (John always steals my small hammer and I have to find it in his mess of a garage on a monthly basis. Jerk.)

8. Spray paint clear coat

9. A small level (I cannot trust eyeballin' things. It never works.)

10. A camera or smart phone to document my project adventures via this blog or picture messages to friends and family. Sharing your projects with pride is the best part!


What about you? I know ya'll are super crafty. What are some things you use all the time for your projects around the house? Leave me a comment and let's talk shop!

Over and out.

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  1. We can never, and I mean NEVER, have enough zip ties. Wire, of a slightly smaller gauge than baling wire. A drawer full of random hinges, hasps, and carabiners. A big roll of twine (large roll of orange baling twine will last us a couple years). A couple spare 6'x8' tarps. Never know when you'll need a tarp. :)

    1. TOTALLY! I can't believe I forgot zip ties! And baling twine! And tarps! Gaaahhhhhh. I use all of those things on a regular basis, too.


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