Perfect Camping Toaster

I love breakfast.

It's probably my favorite meal of the day (although I am totally guilty of not eating breakfast before work most days). I especially enjoy making big breakfasts on weekends late in the morning.

I can't get enough of some eggs, toast, bacon or sausage, maybe some French toast, perhaps a quiche or egg casserole with lots of cheese, an egg sandwich - of course not all in one meal, people. Jeesh!

When we are camping I still make a big breakfast mid-morning. One thing that bummed me out was not wanting (or having room) to pack a toaster.

When we were at an outdoor goods store we spotted a toaster that could be used with a gas/propane burner.

This little ditty, while it appears to look dirty (it's just well-used, guys!) Is actually a very important camping utinsel.

Just turn on your burner, whether it be on your outdoor camp stove or inside on a range - whatever you have! - and place your bread on the four "walls" of the toaster. Flip the bread over to toast the other side, and you've got toast.

Mind blown, right?

I know.

Does it for me every time.

Over and out.


  1. Say what?! That is insane! So easy, it's mind blowing! :P

  2. Thanks for sharing this post.This Toaster gives us a efficient output.

  3. That is definitely the kind of toaster I would want to bring on my hiking and camping expeditions. What is the name of the burner, and can I get it on Amazon or eBay? I also found an amazing review of the BioLite CampStove here:

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