Is John's Work Hypocritical?

I feel a bit like a hypocrit, guys.

I mean, this blog is called "The Sustainable Couple", right?

Perhaps that's why I feel hypocritical for writing about John and his work on a nuclear outage, when clearly I have a blog in which I write about green living and sustainability.

Last week when I was visiting him we talked about nuclear energy and it's role in our environment. We (mostly he) compared it to other energy sources, like wind and solar energy.

I think it's important to discuss a few things regarding energy usage:

1. I believe solar and wind energy, as well as other renewable energy souces, are more sustainable than other energy sources, including nuclear. John concurrs. We've toyed with the notion of solar panels on our home (assuming we would live there until we die, because they are very expensive), and we've also looked into a portable solar panel to put on top of our camper. This would allow us to camp in areas without electrical hookups and use the sun's energy to power our lights, water pump, and our fridge. 

2. Nuclear energy can be extremely dangerous if codes, procedures and systems are not in place (or are sub-standard) to keep the employees and public safe. Nuclear waste was, at one time, a concern until strict environmental regulations confined the management of such waste. It's not a perfect system, in fact, it's far from it.

3. John and the other tradesmen that have earned a "badge" to work on nuclear facillities are probably the best people to work on a nuclear power outages. They have been extensively trained, they are very experienced in this type of work, and many of them do this for a living. Their work is dangerous, yes, and the compensation is reflective of the dangers on the job. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if nuclear energy isn't going anywhere and we, as an American system, will continue to be dependent on this type of energy I would rather have John and other tradesmen that I trust maintaining these facilities than not.

Yeah, it seems pretty hypocritical on the face of the issue. I'll still support the contruction of solar and wind energy plants over the maintenance of nuclear facilities any day...but, as always, it's not an 'all or nothing' world, is it?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue, even if you think I'm a huge hypocrit for having a husband who works on nuclear facilities and a blog that promotes sustainability.

Over and out.


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  1. Well since you asked for comments I can offer my thoughts. The use of wind and solar for electrical power is admirable if you can afford it. In general, the adaption of wind and solar has been an economic failure beginning with production all the way to the end user because of ridiculous mandates and tax payer subsidies. The local university recently installed a single wind turbine and then proclaimed it would begin to pay for 66 years! Nuclear power is dangerous and the ultimate disposal process of the waste has not been determined. At this time, nuclear power is the most economical source for the worlds demand so I don't think you can be considered hypocritical.

    1. Nice insights, and unique perspective, Sharline!

      (And always feel free to offer your thoughts, even if I don't ask for them!)

  2. Wind and solar will come down in price when they become mainstream. We would like to install sustainable systems too, but are waiting for the cost to be more affordable. We all do what we gotta do to survive and none of us is an island unto ourselves...therefore, none of live a truly sustainable lifestyle. Anyone who calls you a hypocrite should check to see how their electricity is produced first!

    Thanks for sharing this on Wildcrafting Wednesday! Hope to see you again today!

    1. In the town where I work (not live) there is a factory that builds the equipment used in solar power "fields". Sadly, they just laid off a substantial portion of their workforce a few weeks ago. I think our wait for the price to drop will be a bit longer.

  3. My husband and I applied last week for a federal grant for $10,000 for 2 -5KW solar PV systems for a couple of our businesses. I have no idea if we will get the grants, but based on all of the paperwork we did, and all of the subsidies that are out there - if we get that $10K (25% of the total project cost) and a few other current tax incentives, we are looking at a 100% payback of our $40K investment in under 8 years!!!! That's crazy.
    You know, we have been taught that nuclear is a good option - non carbon emitting etc. I had a hard time initially admitting that I was anti nuclear power. But I did a lot of research when we got word about the potential for a nuclear power plant 6 miles from our home, and I have concluded that it's just not safe. Europe and Japan are finding other ways to power their countries. We need to, too! :-)

    1. That is an amazing opportunity for solar power - WOW! This something you are considering for your new farm, right?

      I am really grateful for your opinion on this issue. You've brought up a great lesson - all people must be informed on the issues that are important to them before making a decision. Clearly, I'm still on the fence :)

  4. Yes! We have a few businesses - a construction company that is currently housed in our barn and a couple of car washes. Solar power for all of them would really, really great. {We bought the car wash in West Branch right before Christmas...} :-)

    By the way, there are plenty of things I feel like a hypocrite about too. Got for you for being brave enough to address it on your blog!


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