Hallway Re-do. PART 2 - REVEAL

Yesterday I told you a little bit about our upstairs hallway that has pretty much been the bain of my existence.

I exaggerate.

It really wasn't that bad.

However, one thing I wanted to do to the upstairs hallway was add more vintage items and 'junk' to the nook in the corner, and paint the mirror and clothes hamper you see in the photos below.

I prepared my work surface...

and I heated my garage for an afternoon of work...

I bought $9 in textured spray paint, but found that this crap sucks ass. It went on really thin - it didn't even cover and ran all over the place. So, I used a can of black satin spray paint from a previous project to create a 'base coat', then used the textured spray paint for the top coat.

With all this spray painting, you'd think I'd develop carpal tunnel, however with this little tool I was good to go...

Anyway, here's the almost-finished product...

And here's what our hallway looks like now:

And yes, if you've done the mental math, you realize this whole re-do cost me $9. It would have cost me just $4.50, if I would have bought a better spray paint. Whatevs.

Not too shabby chic, if you ask me.
See what I did there?

However, there are some things that I still have in mind for this space - and because I'm always looking for a deal, I know I'll have to be patient or repurpose some things around the home to make it happen. Here's what needs to happen: 

There's a lot of open wall space that I'd like to consume. It's just such a large area.
I need to stain these four posts in the railing. 
Again, look at all the wall space on the left. Perhaps a photo gallery wall? A really cool piece of junk? 
Isn't this wall just screamin' for a piece of junk? 
John's guitars used to hang here but, you guessed it, lots of unused wall space. Ideally, I would find two really bangin' pieces of junk - one would go on the blue wall, one would go on the tan wall.  

Aside from that, look at these little farts:

Over and out.

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