Family Dinners with the Seven Sisters Lane.

Let me share a great tune with ya.

Have you ever heard the song, "Seven Bridges Road" by The Eagles? No?

Well, give 'er a listen here:

The number seven, particularly things with seven sisters, is very significant to John and his family. I mean, after all, he has seven older sisters. Ironically, there are a ton of instances where seven, and seven sisters, have occurred. For example, there's a Seven Sisters Lane in London, which is cool because their last name is Lane. There's a Seven Sisters brand of wine. There's a Seven Bridges Park a few hours away from us, here in Iowa. There's also a 7 Sisters Road very near to where we live.

Don't believe me? Here's a screen shot. I mean, Google doesn't lie.

What I really mean to say here in the post, which seems to be pointless, is that I am a very lucky lady. I married an awesome guy, and gained seven sisters. All of his sisters are in great health, live fairly close to us, are supportive, and are a very loving group of women.

These women also value family.

Which is why they started a new tradition a few weeks ago.

Every Sunday evening John's sister, Ann, opens up her home for all of her siblings and their families to enjoy a potluck style family dinner. Just like old times in their family.

This is something I wish I could do with my family, but I don't live very close to them - over an hour away, actually - so it feels awesome to be part of this new tradition with my in-laws.

Over and out.

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