Swimmin' Pools and Movie Stars.

I just thought it would be important to let you know that I'm a classy lady now.

What? You didn't know that I now belong to the upper echelon of society? Well, I am. Swimmin' pools and movie stars.

I attended a Cooking with Beer and Wine class the other night where I learned to cook:

  • Pears Two Ways
  • Beer Braised Chicken
  • Crostini with Beer Cheese fondue
  • Cherry and Red Wine Tartlets

I took the class alone (John isn't much of a chef), and found that many people took the class solo. We partnered up and were assigned a chef's kitchen in the New Bo Culinary Kitchen, a brand new indoor marketplace in our community. The class was very hands-on, and once we were oriented to the facility, the instructor/head chef turned us loose. He and his sous chef then met with each duo throughout the two-hour course to answer questions and provide professional guidance.

The food was divine! I'll definitely share the recipes with you later this month.

Then you can be upper crust with me. We can drink wine and make things like crostini and snub our noses at others who simply eat toast.

Side note: When John sees me doing something particularly "hillbilly-ish" he'll say, "Pond will be good fer you." I never knew what that meant, until I saw this episode.

Life comes full circle I guess.

Over and out.

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