Stir-Fry: A Quick Go-To Meal.

One of the things that helps John and I stick to our goal of dining out less during the week is having a repertoire of quick meals at our fingertips. It's also helpful that many of these meals are super easy to prepare, so if John is in town (and therefore, isn't on the road working) he can prepare them and have dinner on the table when I get home from work.

Just like it should be.

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

Wait a minute. Scratch that.

(For a moment I had flashbacks of my high school social studies teacher. Yes, that was a common line in his repertoire. Classy, I know.)

Anyway, I digress.

One of these go-to meals of which I write is stir-fry. You might think that stir-fry, clearly, is a quick and easy meal. Not necessarily. If you buy all of the veggies fresh and have to wash them, cut them, cook them, and season them it will take a while. You're looking at an hour in the kitchen. No bueno.

We are much lazier than that (although, who doesn't love stir-fry with fresh veggies?!), so we shop smart. At the grocery store, if we happen to find frozen unseasoned, un-sauced bagged stir-fry vegetables on sale, we stock up sister!

It's really important to look for the stir-fry bags that are just the cut veggies. Don't put any of that extra salt, sauces, and/or preservatives into your body. That's also no bueno.

The last time I was at the store, I found bags of frozen stir-fry veggies on sale for $1 a bag.

I get a "Hell yeah!"? I thought so.

So, fast forward to a weeknight when I'm too lazy to cook: John can just dumps these veggies into a non-stick skillet with about 2 teaspoons of olive oil (go easy on the oil, people!). If he's feeling really risky, he'll add some chicken or steak from a leftover meal. 

In 5 to 7 minutes we have a meal!

In this particular instance we had a small piece of steak that was wrapped by our butcher individually; the perfect size for thinly slicing and sautéing for a stir-fry.

Quick. Easy. Delicious.

Over and out.

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