My Beauty Regimen.

You better hold onto your underoos, people. This post is gonna be riveting. I will be unveiling my daily beauty regimen.

I know, I know. It’s amazing that you’ve survived this long without knowing my morning and evening beauty routines.

But in all seriousness, I am sharing this with you because from this point forward I want to make an effort to simplify my morning routine. I want to use less junk on my face, and have clearer, healthier skin. 

Each weekday morning I wake at 5:15 a.m., take the dogs outside, turn on the morning news in the kitchen (so I can hear it from the bathroom), and hop in the shower. 

I use a generic anti-aging face wash, and Dove shampoo and conditioner. I also either use a “sleep” shower gel or my homemade oatmeal bar soap. About every other day I use an apricot face scrub. 

After showering, I spray on an Aveda facial toner. While that is drying, I brush my teeth, floss, and swish with fluoride mouthwash. Can’t be having cavities, you’ll recall. 

I also use an anti-aging eye serum. For a facial lotion, I use an extremely expensive tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 45. 

My sister used to get me the hookup on this moisturizer when she worked at a facial rejuvenation clinic, but now I have to pay full price because she doesn’t work there anymore. You know what that means? Once I’m out of this stuff, I need to find a drugstore alternative. 

Pray for me. 

This moisturizer is the single reason why I no longer battle adult acne.

I also have a light moisturizer that I use on weekends when I leave my face bare (or when I feel like I need to conserve my super expensive tinted moisturizer). The bad news is that this moisturizer doesn’t have a built-in sunscreen. More bad news is that my sister also bought this moisturizer for me from her old job, and because it’s so damn expensive I have to conserve this shit too. 

Also, in the summer I use a drugstore moisturizer that has a really high SPF. I mostly use this stuff when I’m working outside and don’t want to wear makeup, but need a moisturizer with sun protection. This stuff can get a little greasy.

Anywho, after the moisturizer I dust on a little loose powder. 

Yep. That’s CoverGirl, baby!

I also use a bronzer, instead of a blush. This is a Victoria’s Secret bronzer that I got on sale about 2 years ago. It’s actually not for faces only – it’s a body bronzer. Ya know, for my collarbones, cleavage, whale tale, etc. 

Eww. Just josh-in’ ya. I wouldn’t put something on my ass that I have to use on my face. Lordy. 

Anyway, after the bronzer I use a little eyeliner and some mineral eye shadow in whatever shade best matches my clothes.

 Next comes several swipes of mascara.

And a little eyebrow shaping with this tool.

I usually leave my lips bare so I can eat breakfast, but I’ll swipe on some gloss in the school parking lot after I arrive to work. I do not touch up my make up at work, unless Burt’s Bees chap stick counts. I don't use a whole lot of hair products, either.

In the evening before bed, I remove my make up with a makeup remover towelette.

Then I use an Aveda exfoliant on a cotton ball.

Then I brush and swish with mouthwash again.

Here’s where I’d like to improve:
1. I need to find a new tinted moisturizer with a super high SPF, and one that doesn’t make my skin breakout.

2. I would really like to minimize my use of eye makeup in general. I need to find a shadow that will go with damn near everything and a simple swipe of mascara.

3. Maybe a face mask I can use once a week would be helpful?

4. Should I still use a toner? What about an exfoliant?

So many products. So many questions. So little time.


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