Hosting a Baby Shower.

The other night I hosted a baby shower for a coworker, with the help of two great friends. We planned, we cooked, we cleaned, and the evening baby shower was an amazing success! The mom-to-be was showered with well-wishes and gifts to welcome her anticipated baby girl. 

The reason I share this with you, is because I realize I haven't posted any party photos on my blog yet.  I love having people over to my home - whether a large crowd or just a friend or two. I enjoy cleaning and preparing for their arrival, and I especially love cooking (even for a crowd!). 

When we first bought this home, I didn't know if hosting parties and inviting friends over would 'work' in this 1840s home, mainly due to the layout. And the fact that there is only one restroom. And the lack of open-concept. And because the living room is small. And because there is no coat closet. 

I think it's important to realize that while, yes, we live in a historic home with a layout oftentimes bewilders us, it is quite functional for a crowd.

For example, our kitchen allows for buffet-style food service. 

The line of guest just wraps around the island.

Just make sure to have a logical order for the items in the buffet line. 

And while our home doesn't have a fancy open-concept layout, the large square arch separating the dining room and living room allow people to still feel connected despite being in different rooms. 

I was thrilled to see that everyone could see the mom-to-be open her gifts and make eye contact with all of the other guests.

There are also benefits of having a formal dining room, instead of an eat-in kitchen. The game that a co-hostess planned for the baby shower would not have worked in an eat-in kitchen.

Also, a large dining room table is essential for large parties, no matter when a house is built or the style of layout. There's just something about gathering around a table (like our it's-actually-new-but-kinda-looks-old, mission-style table) that warms my heart. 

And who could forget the charm of an older home?

When we first bought our home, I was nervous about how to host parties and gatherings for our friends and family. Would everyone fit? Would the layout 'work'? Would people think I live in a dumpy old shack? Would I be judged for not having new construction? 

Now, clearly, those worries are moot.

Bring on the parties - I can't wait for spring!

Over and out.


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