What You Don't Know.

I've been blogging for a few years now, and it's been a trip, man! I love it. Even if no one in the world reads anything I write, I'll still love it.

No doubt, as the days and months grow on, you've probably grown to acquire a few tidbits about who I am, the man I love, the family I grew up with, and the daily musings that wander my thoughts. There is a lot you know about me.

I mean, I tend to kinda put it out there, ya know?

There are some things that you don't know, however. I say there's no perfect day to bridge the gaps, so here are some things you might not know about me, and a few things about John thrown in for good measure.
  • I am a bit of a clean freak, especially when it comes to my kitchen. I like to squat down and look at my countertops at eye-level to see if there are any remaining crumbs or prints on the counters after I wipe them down. 
  • Before I can leave my classroom for the day, I have to clear my desk to prepare for the next morning. The only things I leave on my desk are my basket for collected papers, my pen jar, and a stapler. That's it. I take my laptop home with me each night. I often wipe it down with a Clorox wipe, too. 
  • John claims he is allergic to shellfish. Although when I asked him how he found out about his "allergy" he said he was at a Japanese steakhouse, and after 6 or 7 saki bombs and several pounds of shellfish he got violently ill. Doesn't quite add up, does it :) 
  • I'm a loud-talker. 
  • I have to read before going to bed, otherwise I can't shut my mind off. 
  • I desperately want backyard chickens. 
  • John can't use a bath towel more than once. It grosses him out. 
  • After high school, I went to a community college to major in communications and public relations, with intent to transfer to a private school for broadcast journalism. I changed my major to print journalism when I transferred, and added a secondary journalism and English education major. I graduated in four years, got a journalism and English teaching job, and enrolled in a master's program at a different private college. I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching degree 2.5 years later. Someday I hope to pursue my doctorate. 
  • John still locks the bathroom door after 6 years together. The man likes his privacy. 
  • I want nothing more than to turn our home and lot in the city into a mini-farm. I love our city and our home, so moving would be a bummer. However, to turn our small space into a self-sustaining, agrarian paradise would be ballin'. 
  • John enjoys working on nuclear power plants for his job. As a union electrician, he has worked for many commercial institutions, but he enjoys nuclear facilities. Weirdo. 
  • I just started making my own yogurt and cheese. It's been "an experience" so far. I want to try to make my own butter at least once. 
  • I love dairy, if you couldn't guess. If I were to become lactose intolerant I would question my will to live. 
  • John dislikes dairy. It doesn't agree with him. Sometimes he questions my desire to see him live. Rightfully so. 
  • I have to wear my watch everyday. I'm one of those people who still checks the time on a timepiece, not an electronic device. 
  • I am very sensitive to smells. 
  • I faint often, and have a very weak stomach.

How's that? Do you feel you have a more well-rounded view of my persona? 

Over and out. 

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