Proud of my Sister.

Let me tell ya about my sister.

That's her on the left.

Her name is Stephanie. We call her Steph. Or Steppy. Usually Steph, though.

And my sister, well, she's one awesome chick.

A girl that I wish everyone could know, because she's that awesome. Let me tell ya why:
  • She loves to try new things, especially discovering new hobbies.
  • She knows how to sew - a skill that not many twenty-somethings can do, let alone appreciate. 
  • Steph isn't afraid to be silly, and she loves to laugh. 
  • Steph recognizes the importance of self-sustainability, and is taking steps to live green. 
  • She has the patience and tenacity to undertake a huge home renovation project with her long-term boyfriend, John (Yes, her man is also named John).

  • She's conscious of how her actions impact others - she often listens to the little voice inside her head that tells her right from wrong. 
  • Steph admits when she's done something wrong or made a bad choice. I really admire her for this trait. It's something I struggle with...often. 
  • She has great style. 
  • She's a thrifty shopper. 
  • She listens to me when I talk of eco-friendly projects, backyard chickens, and sustainable living and doesn't judge or tell me that I've lost my mind. 
  • Steph asks great questions that propel conversations in new directions. She's fun to talk with. 
  • She can't sing, but loves music. 
  • She knows there are bigger things in the world than her, and she slowly seeks them out. 
I love my sister for so many reasons. She's simply amazing. As the oldest, I often find myself dreaming things for her (the baby of the family), almost like a parent would.

Is that weird? Maybe?

I think I do it because I want so much for them (her and my brother, Ryan). I want them to have contentment and satisfaction in life. I want them to be challenged. I want them to know the thrill of success and accomplishment, and the drive to continue that comes after an achievement. I want them to fail at times, and learn from their failures. I want them to marry a person who compliments them perfectly, and would go through Dante's Inferno for the chance to love them.

I also want these things for myself, of course. I'm not even close to attaining the things I want for them for myself. There's just a large part of me that wants these things for Stephanie and Ryan more.

Is that weird? Probably.

I have two great siblings that drive me nuts. For as much tormenting that we engaged in as children, I wouldn't give a moment of it away. What a lonely life I would lead if I didn't have them.


Want to know about my handsome brother?

Stop back tomorrow and I'll tell you all about him

Over and out.

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